Yardwork: How much is too much?

I wonder if it can be mentioned to HOs by THS at the initial posting/application/early messaging stage? That additional and unknown jobs can’t be dropped on an unsuspecting and now cornered HS upon arrival. (Obviously stated in more business like wording) It would put off HOs taking advantage as much.

I sadly, know of a lot of cases where things are being sprung on the day of arrival on a cornered sitter. A lot of whom only agree for worry of not getting a review, which HOs know and some exploit.

Here is another and potentially useful thread. Where THS are asking for feedback. As a dedicated team are going to look at these issues and are asking for our input.

So let’s use it everyone! THS are listening, so let’s use this opportunity to make some positive changes!

(I think the title of this thread needs to change, so we know better what it’s about…)