Accept a sitter with no communication?

@andrealovesanimals I think you dodged a bullet TBH :raised_hands:


I’m in the same situation now. I applied and the HO accepted me right away. I responded with thanks for accepting me, let’s set up a quick zoom call to meet and discuss the sit. HO responded that her schedule was really busy for awhile, I said that my schedule was very flexible and she could just let me know a good time for her. She said that sounds great and she would get back to me. It’s been two weeks and I haven’t heard from her, so I guess I am just going to decline the sit.


It really depends, if you have a good amount of info in the listing and perhaps even a welcome guide + everything points to a straightforward sit (e.g. easy cat, not a pit bull with behavior issues) → why not? But we always do like to ask some questions!

@systaran Yes, I’d decline that sit too

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I think just now seems a lots of house owners struggling to get sits. 189 house sits for cats in London over Xmas alone. I got accepted the following day without a call or the dreaded video call which I hate. Never had a totally bad house sit been lucky I suppose .it’s not the end of the world if it isn’t that great it’s all just a learning curve. Onwards and upwards I suppose…


Definitely decline that

So, I just declined the sit after waiting over 2 weeks for her to get back to me. I sent a message saying since we haven’t been able to connect, I didn’t want to hold those dates open, so I was just declining. I immediately got a message back from her saying they still want me to sit. I think I’m still going to decline. Good communication from the HO is important to me.


Stick with your decision @systaran as they had ample time to communicate with you.


Agreed! It’s their loss

Is it usual to exchange phone numbers with HO and WhatsApp each other?

@MarieHuggins yes, and it’s very important too!


@MarieHuggins For a sit to go well Good communication is key pre stay and during the stay . Having alternative ways of for sitter & HO to commune (other than the THS platform) is important as it’s faster -

Pre stay, communication is very important so that both parties know exactly what expectations are - and even when everything is covered in a welcome guide it’s useful for sorting out basics such as arrival times.

During a sit even if HO doesn’t want regular updates -(most do) in case of any emergencies that come up for either party having alternative ways to contact each other is important .

Whatapp is useful when HO are away in a different country .

Some emergency situations where HO needed to contact us quickly - was when one HO forgot to leave key out for us to get into the property and another time when HO had to come home early because of a medical emergency.

In both situations we would not have been logging into our THS inbox everyday so we would have no idea .