Adopted/Rescue Pets Tips for Sitters and Owners

Hi Everyone, I’m new here :slight_smile: I am working on a digital story for a local rescue facility and would like to include the top 10 tips for pet sitting adopted pets, from both the owner and sitter’s perspective. Help me out please.


HI @knowjoy, welcome and thank you for joining our community forum , what a wonderful project and TrustedHousesitters care for many rescue pets as it’s the very best option for them to stay in their own safe and happy environment.

So sitter members let’s do what we do best, help keep even more rescue pets happy at home.

Obviously the pet must have been given the opportunity to settle into it’s new home and bond with it’s furever family before being left, giving the owner time to really know the pet, it’s character, needs and any issues which will guide them as to their choice of a sitter and the experience needed

Owners need to provide and communicate a detailed and transparent description of their pet’s needs and any significant character traits which could impact the degree of care required, to ensure any potential sitter has full knowledge of pet and owner’s needs and expectations before making a commitment, everything has to be 110% right for everyone involved, especially the pet … it’s about getting the right sitter, not just a sitter.

(This applies to every pet sitting arrangement)

Welcome again @knowjoy and good luck with your project.

Angela and the Team


Thank you!

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We have found that some of our rescues need to have the sitter come before and “visit” or have dinner with us to show that these “new people” are accepted by the homeowner/mom. Then the shy ones realize it is fine to get love from the new people. Most of our big family love new people but a few shy ones need the extra approval to allow them to enjoy and relax while we are away.


I volunteer at a shelter and have also fostered and pet sat rescues. If at all possible, it is best for the owner to introduce the rescue pet to the sitter while still home and not have the sitter come after the owner leaves. This can be done in a Covid safe manner. Let the pet come to you, allow it to sniff and don’t give it direct eye contact. Treats often help, but not hand fed initially. Toss them from a distance and then closer, watching body language. Approach from the side and don’t reach over them.