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I’m an pet owner who also does Airbnb, can anyone advise me how to set up an Airbnb link on my listing please so prospective housesitters can see my reviews? I can’t seem to find an information on it on the site.

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Hi @wisejude welcome to our community forum community, unfortunately only sitters can add their Airbnb links to their TrustedHousesitters profile, I do apologize for any confusion this has caused.

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That guidance is for sitters, not home-owners. I dont think adding AirB&B or LinkedIn profiles is a facility for home-owners.


@wisejude My apologies @Ketch is absolutely correct … only sitters can add Airbnb links to their profiles

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And how does a sitter add the link to their Airbnb profile? I asked Airbnb a couple of years ago but it wasn’t available, however I’ve seen @HelloOutThere has a link to hers. I think she’s a sitter and home owner…

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@Smiley Go into your sitter profile, click on “about you” edit section scroll to bottom and that’s where you’ll be able to add LinkedIn and Airbnb links.

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Thank you, I’ll try

I should have said how do I get the Airbnb link to add to my THS profile?

I am on THS as a homeowner, and I am also a long-term Airbnb host. My Airbnb link is posted on my TrustedHouseSitter listing. That said, I don’t remember how I did that.


Hello @Smiley

If you need help feel free to DM me the link to add. This option is only available on sitter profiles.

You added your AirB&B profile link to the section ‘Home & location’ - it’s just there as information but it isnt a clicky link. This is a good option for you as an AirB&B host.

For home-owners who arent AirB&B hosts (eg, me), I’m not sure that including my AirB&B profile would add much relevant information but I could include it in the ‘Introduction’ if I were so minded.


@Smiley, did you figure this out? It was much more “hidden in plain sight” than I thought.

Go to:

It’s not one of the 10 panes shown on that screen. Rather, it’s near the top/middle and just says “Go to profile.” You can command + F and just search for that. Or see pic:

Rare UI fail on Airbnb.

Thanks @geoff.hom just seen this. I’ll give it a go. I do find a lot of things hidden on Airbnb & THS. Actually, I don’t find them because they hidden! :joy::rofl: