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Exactly @Willexcell ! I can’t believe the penny didn’t drop earlier. Although I think that perhaps in the distant past it may have been cheaper to fly out of the states (that’s my story, anyway :wink: )

The worst airline we’ve flown is Air Canada Rouge. We boarded the plane for an international flight only to find there was absolutely no entertainment on board but quickly loaded the app on my phone. Two of the best airlines we’ve flown are Cathay Pacific and LAN air in South America.

I’m curious as to your comment as I’m currently going through this. Had to cancel a flight due to the pandemic and the airline gave us a credit which is good until the end of this month but we can’t use it due to my husband having a sudden health issue. We can get it back on our travel insurance if the airline puts something in writing to say they won’t extend the credit and won’t refund us but they refuse to do this. How did you claim it on your credit card? I did book the flights with my credit card.

I just booked our flights to the UK and once again I used Westjet because it was the best price, no matter what flight booking service I checked. I thought I’d try booking thru the States but there wasn’t any better price.

Happy we were lucky to be able to book the bulkhead seats for the long haul flight (9-10 hrs).

The other thing I like about WJ is that they never bump you from the flight.

Re: cancellation. Our credit card offers us medical, trip interruption, and cancellation insurance. When we had to cancel a big trip in May of 2020, we were fully refunded.

Hi @Willexcell they are just an excellent airline but London - Doha - Brisbane was particularly good, same standard as Sing Air yet at least $1500 less.

I lived in Doha for 18 months, a high level of service is expected and usually delivered.

Good to know Globetrotter, we certainly will not be using Air Canada Rouge and also heard good things about Cathay Pacific.

So sorry to hear about your situation. To try and get a refund, you have to go back to the credit card company with all the details of when first booked (date, transaction no as shown on credit card statment, copies of the travel voucher, almost everything pertaining to the trip plus the name of the person or file reference of the person dealing with the complaint). If the airline cancelled, you may have a strong case for getting your money back but if you cancelled( and not a voucher) they may only have to issue a voucher. If you live in a US state, say like California, it is not legal to give a voucher with any expiry date. If you cancelled because of Covid, the airline could be off the hook because they can say you cancelled the flight and not them. It is just an awful situation and I hope something works out for you. Once I had a bad family situation and I have to say American were truly helpful in re-booking flights without very high costs.


You truly have it all figured out.

Unbelievable! Their CEO was once interviewed and he said he wanted to be the best in the world. Maybe sometimes what some of these people say, they actually mean.

Hi there. Well I’m in the UK so I don’t know what the situation is in the US.
Here’s some information:

Thanks for the tip Willexcell. It was us that cancelled due to COVID and I’m in Canada. I have received an email from my travel agent indicating that the airline will not extend my credit nor provide anything in writing so hopefully the email from my travel agent will be sufficient to claim on my travel insurance. I hope!

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Usually, I use miles accrued with Delta airlines which is linked to my American Express account, Uber, Lyft, Instacart (grocery delivery service) and a ton of other handy perks. Rarely do I pay for a flight.
I have flown discounted airlines in Europe, like EasyJet which are at times convenient until they aren’t (lots of add ons and flight times not always ideal).
Today I booked with British Airways which I have very happily used before and flown business class. I was able to get a round trip from Lisbon to London with check in luggage at a convenient time for my schedule for a considerable amount less than anywhere else I looked.
The best part is that they provided all the necessary information for required travel documents, a place to upload them and a list of places to schedule Covid testing if needed. It included pricing as well.
That to me is a big plus for non-UK, non-EU travelers.


Thank you Amparo,this is really great info and now there are some new airlines coming on board for the summer season which may be worth checking out.

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