Preparing to Fly Internationally

Warning: Humour is present and readers may be prone to smile or even laugh.

Today I had the pleasure of self roto-rootering my own nasal passages. An experienced swabber, inserter and remover of nearly every tube and manner possible in every human orifice, it was not intimidating and the prep and securing of the specimen collection did not need any prompts. And I got to do it through the drive up window. No one offered me fries (chips)though.

This was however my first Covid 19 test. Mandatory for Non-European citizen arriving into Portugal. The pressure of scheduling and timing to fall into the 72 hour window and assuring results before departure Thursday and making sure they were still valid upon my arrival Friday evening was in itself a test of brain function.

Voluntary testing at the local drug store clinic $139

Covered by Medicare. There are many advantages to this old age business.

Results are expected within 1-2 days.

Now I wait. I did my part, come on Universe!

Now to fill out the “I have arrived and here’s where I’ll be” mandatory form.


I got away with an absurdly cursory PLF, god bless ‘em.
End run now!


Good luck ‘passing’ your test. As one who has ‘been there, done that’ more times than I can even count…the rewards FAR outweigh the discomfort. Enjoy the journey and safe travels!


When I completed mine to fly to the States, I was presented with my PASS Certificate … it was like I’d just graduated, without the cap and gown (in what degree I’m not sure:) :rofl:

Good luck!!

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Good luck on the result. I had a string of 4 UK sits starting on 3 Dec and had booked my 2 day arrival test in the UK. But just to be sure I took a test before departure on 28 Nov and it came back positive. I immediately contacted the HOs and all were understanding and able to get a replacement sitter for me.
Isolated in the US for 10 days - no symptoms, no fever, normal pulse-ox. Maybe it was a false positive.
Finishing up a string of 5 UK sits over 6 weeks on Sat, then 3 nights in London and flying back to the US on 15 March. Just booked my Fit to Fly test for 18:00 on 14 March - 40 minute return time.


We need some pomp and circumstance @Angela-CommunityManager!


Thank you everyone for all your well wishes!

Let’s roll!


Is that enough pomp from me? :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


Given the circumstances

Thank you!!!

Well done, you athlete, you! Now have fun in that mask for 28 hours.

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Greetings from The Club Atlanta the international lounge in the Atlanta airport which I accessed using my pass included with my premium membership.
Being here is a welcome pause from what already has been an interesting day.
I arrived here shortly before eleven AM after a short flight from South Carolina. My HO took me to the airport.
Even though all my pre board documents were completed, uploaded to the designated sites per the instructions and links, I had not been able to check in for the International flight. In Atlanta, I went to the service desk where they also were unable to check me in saying there was a problem with a segment of my return flight in July!
Well, two hours in the phone I finally was able to check in to the two flights that get me as far as Paris but not Lisbon.
Then I get notified that Spain did not approve my documents (I am not going to Spain!) :rofl:
So round and round I go….
I am enjoying my cucumber water after a very nice Cesar salad and hummus plate.
I am now checked in and all sorted out.
I laughed and I danced listening to the
music while I was on hold. The service reps were almost as confused as I was but they came through and thanked me/apologized profusely for the mishap. Apparently Air France misunderstood my itinerary and had canceled my part of my return flight!

Things happen but in the end it all falls into place.
Cheers, onward and upward!

The lounge btw offers hot soups, salad, fresh fruits, all manner of beverage including a bar.
Business center and showers. A very nice worthwhile experience.


Good lord, it’s endless. I did some very expensive last-minute panic buying of return fair because I thought my one-way ticket was the reason I wasn’t able to check-in. But now I see it’s just the new normal of awful. Glad this part is behind you.

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Panic does not exist in my world. I did tell the woman It didn’t matter to me if I didn’t return but that she was free to book me on any flight with any amount of layovers wherever.
What they did was actually rebook me a new flight with same itinerary.
:eyes:go figure


Crazy. So, you’re in Lisbon now?

Still in Atlanta. This is a loooooong journey check back with me after two sunrises :laughing:

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Safe travel and happy landings @Amparo :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :airplane: :clinking_glasses:

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Yikes! And yikes again (for over 10 characters)!

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Just a go with the flow kinda gal @Amparo….because we all know in the end, it always works out. Best attitude in the world, and so much less stress!!! Enjoy your journey, and all the little hiccups :wink:

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We flew to Glasgow via Amsterdam 10 days ago. All went very smoothly. They were very impressed with our Covid vaccination passes on the NHS website. No paperwork.
The luggage was loaded on in Orlando and it arrived in Glasgow with us. That impressed us the most! We avoided Charles de Gaulle in Paris. Bad memories, very bad memories….Amsterdam is a far better experience.

Hope you get there with everything intact. Bring lots of cold weather clothes, it’s freezing.


Great attitude, I look forward to hearing that you have safely arrived.

We fly for the first time in mid May. TBH, I’m somewhat concerned about having to wear a mask for 18 hours straight, but the end is worth the trial.

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