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So, it impacted me - I was scheduled to depart for the UK on Nov 30 for a string of 4 sits. The UK does arrival testing and I had that scheduled but thought that I’d take a departure test here in the US just to be sure. I took the test on Sunday and had the results Monday morning when I got up - positive. I had a negative test just a week ago before spending US T’giving with family. I was fully vaccinated as of Feb and got the booster on Halloween.
Glad I took a test before departure - would have been rough to have learned once I got to the UK.
No symptoms, normal temp, pulse ox is 99. I have a video doc visit later this morning.
Contacted all 4 of the sits - called the first, scheduled to start on Friday. Have heard back from 3 of them already and they were all very understanding about the cancellation.
Airline fully refunded the trip (which was using miles), only challenge is to preserve the value of rail tickets - have contacted trainline to see what happens. Otherwise I guess I go to travel insurance.
You all stay healthy.


Hi @toml we are so sorry to hear about your positive test, as you say it’s better that you did the test before departing the US which has lessened the impact for everyone involved … silver linings?

Thank you for sharing your experience, as hard as that had to be please stay well and keep us updated.

The importance of being proactive, prepared and having a Plan B

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That’s such a shame, but as you said, so much better to know before arriving in the UK. And thank goodness you’re not showing symptoms.

Sorry to read that you tested positive @toml. Having just gone through a somewhat similar situation with my husband, I know how disappointed you must feel.

However, it really is a silver lining, as Angela wrote, that you found out before you left the USA. At least you don’t have to deal with self-isolating, etc., in a foreign country.

It’s good that you’re keeping an eye on your oxygen level. I hope that you stay symptom-free.

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Oh no, I feel so bad for you but as others said better to find out before you got there for your sits. Hope you continue to feel ok.

That’s so disappointing for you @toml. You were looking forward to your 4 sits in the UK so much. Glad your owners were understanding and that you were still in the US. This just highlights how quickly things can change in COVID times and international travel is still very much an uncertainty, especially as we await more information on Omicron. Stay safe and well.

Sorry to hear about testing positive! Hopefully it’s mild and you are over it soon.

So sorry to hear you tested positive @toml . So disappointing when you’d been looking forward to travelling abroad at last. We will be living through uncertain times for travel for a while yet it seems. I hope you don’t feel too ill and that you can resume your travels safely as soon as possible.

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What a shame.
Was that the rapid/antigen test or the PCR test? Just in case it was a false positive, are you going to test again?

Like you, I was fully vaccinated in the spring, and had the booster around Halloween. I just had the PCR test this morning since I spent T’giving with a large group. All planned attendees were vaccinated except for two anti-vaxxers who recently recovered. However, a couple of randos showed up, so I’m testing just in case. This was also a weekend to honor my aunt, who died from a breakthrough case.

Sadly, I’ve also heard stories of people lying about being vaccinated so they can attend gatherings. Or claiming to be vaccinated b/c they had covid and recovered.


PCR since I knew that would be required on landing in the UK. Doctor I talked with after the getting result advised against getting another test for 3 weeks since it can take that long (or even longer) for markers to clear.


I just had to cancel a sit. :worried:

We were to fly to my in-laws’ house, but with the currently situation, we deemed it “unwise” to travel. I had warned my sitter that things could change, and had specifically chosen someone already in Switzerland (and somewhat nearby) so that last-minute changes wouldn’t cause too much inconvenience.


I’m so sorry for you Tom. UK was one of my options to travel in December too. But I did not book anything and now I decided to stay home and Im trying to find some sit here in Portugal. Take care! Stay safe and well.

Thanks for all the kind comments - yes it is frustrating. I was really looking forward to being all over the UK.
Well I’m being an optimist and applying for US sits after 15 Dec through early Jan.
What is amazing to me is the number of folks who have waited to the ‘last’ minute to post Christmas sits – the www sit is showing 830+ sits and 500+ weeklong or more US sits from 14 Dec to 5 Jan.
One of the challenges is that airfares at this late date are through the roof.
The flight that I cancelled US-LHR cost me 35,000 frequent flyer miles coach RT when I purchased back in Sept. Now domestic coach RT flights are 100,000 miles or more for dates around Christmas and NY.
Makes me think about a ‘local’ sit that I can drive to.


Thank you for the update and your thanks for our member’s support and good wishes @toml thanks also for the travel intel and you are absolutely right, last minute doesn’t mean low cost deals … this is one of the highest seasonal fare times, local looks all the more attractive and pet company is special whether 5 or 500 miles away.

So glad that you are well.


To save money, look at “positioning” airports for your originating flight instead of your closest airports. You can usually find much cheaper airfare when you have that kind of flexibility. Also, increase your layover time in airfare searches as that often lower the price.

Use frequent flyer miles or low fare deals to get to that positioning airport. This will use less frequent flyer miles and can save you hundreds of dollars. This will save you the most if you are using your frequent flyer miles for US travel only. This is usually because the mandatory international fees/travel taxes alone can be more than $150 when added to the miles redemption.