COVID positive before a sit

Gutted! Had dry cough for couple of days. Did COVID test today and its come back positive. Due to do a sit Sunday for a week. It’s a 5 hour drive to get there. So far only a cough. Contacted HO to let her know. Going to retest daily but obviously she can’t wait and may readvertise…would be interested to hear your thoughts. It was going to be my holiday from work…:sleepy:

Just for clarity, is your concern that you’re going to be too sick to do the sit, or is your concern infecting others?

FWIW, I’m 4x-vaxxed. I’ve had COVID at least twice and probably three times since my first series of shots. My symptoms each time were so mild (basically like mild seasonal allergies) that I feel confident I wouldn’t be too sick to do the sit and would simply avoid interacting with others. If the HO isn’t worried about you being in their house while you are testing positive, you could offer to do the handoff masked and from a safe distance to prevent infecting them. Since you’re driving, you aren’t risking infecting other travelers. If I were the HO, I probably wouldn’t fret over it. Not ideal for you if you were planning to do some sightseeing, obviously.

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@Val Im concerned I’ll be too sick. Its a 5 hour drive too. I think the HO is worried so is looking for new sitter. I’m gutted for me and her. Never had covid. Great timing.

Yeah, it sucks all around. :frowning: I’m sorry this happened.

I know it doesn’t help you & your bloomin covid @MarieHuggins but you can tell your HO that THS will boost her post on socials and put it on last minute sits as it’s within a week - if that makes you/her feel better and less stressed. Get well soon :crossed_fingers:t3:

@Cuttlefish thanks. Does she need to be in the forum? I dont think she is

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No I don’t think so, just a member will do it :crossed_fingers:t3:

I must admit, I thought that Covid testing had come to an end in the UK unless working with vulnerable people/NHS staff etc.

Hi @MarieHuggins
Sorry to hear this. I’m treble vaxed but had covid twice. First time at the very start before vaccines came out I was super ill for 3 weeks. Second time last year I thought I’d had a mild cold for 24 hours but as I volunteer at a cancer charity I was testing and my tests were positive for 10 days after.


@Smiley it has but not sure im going to be well enough. By the way, i work for a hospice so do still have to test. 🩷


True @Smiley. Although I’m asked to test 24 hours before volunteering at a cancer charity that gets patients in the middle of treatment visiting.


I did mention unless working with vulnerable people

You’re right @Smiley. In the UK masks and testing have long gone.

If you work in a hospice you’ve probably had all of your covid jabs, so you’ll know yourself that even though you tested positive it doesn’t mean you are going to be ill-ill. So hopefully it remains as just a cough.

Let the owner re-advertise to try and find someone else, and if she has no luck with it being such short notice, she can always come back to you to see how you are doing, as I think you will be out of the isolation period by then anyway.

Get well soon :heart:


@MarieHuggins sorry for you - bad timing - although there is never a good time to get Covid - you have done well to avoid it all together until now . Anecdotally it seems numbers of cases are very high in U.K. right now and in France too .

Whilst for some it’s like a mild cold or wouldn’t even know that they had it ,however vaccinated friends recently caught Covid for 2nd time this year and found it struck them really hard this time - high temperature, loss of taste and smell for a week and the fatigue has lasted longer this time (likely the Eris variant) so you are probably wisest to rest up at home until you feel better .

Hope you don’t feel too poorly and recover quickly and get that holiday soon.

@Silversitters thank you. I have to say I am feeling absolutely dreadful. I feel so bad for the HO too. She is going to look for another sitter but not sure if she has joined the forum, which I did suggest to her. I’m really hoping this doesn’t go against my rating/reviews? I’ve kept in touch with HO from day one of positive test and advised she have someone else just in case. Do I need to do anything on my profile? I’m so gutted. :face_holding_back_tears:

@MarieHuggins cancellation where there is an unavoidable reason ( in this case being very poorly with Covid ) is totally understandable and not against the THS code of conduct .

The host needs to cancel the sit so that it becomes available for sitters to apply . They won’t be able to write a review so it won’t reflect badly on you .

You may want to let the host know that if they contact ( with “URGENT” in the heading ) their listing can be promoted on social media if they wish .

Rest up & we hope you feel better soon .


@MarieHuggins - first December of covid, before there were vaccines I had a string of UK sits scheduled. This was when UK was test within 24 hours of arrival and if + then quarantine in place. I tested 2 days before leaving the US and came back +, but no symptoms. I contacted the first UK sit (which would have started a few days after my arrival). They understood and cancelled as did all the other sits that were following.
Fortunately things are better now and I’m 6x vaccinated.


@toml think i must have new varient. Had a temp of 37.9 for 3 days, symptons for 4, first night I crawled up the stairs to bed, hallucinated and was drenched in sweat. Last night coughed all night and so conjested…still really hot. Hoping Ive peaked!!!


Yes, I saw an article in the NYT recently suggesting waiting until late Sept/early Oct for another booster as they are tailoring for a new variant of a variant - XBB.1.5 of Omicron.

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