Latest Update for Travel into UK - 6 Jan 22


Thanks @Amparo as I’m sure this is great news for many sitters as well as owners who might be more open to accepting international sitters.

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How are things down there over on your side?

Thanks for asking @Amparo. Our numbers are rising rapidly daily, except for Western Australia which has barricaded the rest of the country out. Will be a different story when February 5 comes and it opens its border once again - we hope!! Rapid antigen testing is the way to go now because the system just can’t keep up and the toll on our health workers is great. With so many people testing positive, it’s having the flow-on effect which other countries have had with food shortages in supermarkets and so many industries and businesses affected from lack of staff, including flight cancellations. At least we have very high vaccination rates, with children 5 - 11 being able to be vaccinated as of this coming Monday.


Thanks @ampara for sharing and it’s good news they are dropping the extra restrictions recently imposed for Omicron.

Just popping the official government link here for all visitors to UK to check for most up-to-date official information on entry as this doesn’t apply to unvaxxed or those without what qualifies as a full vaxxed schedule with approved vaccines (conditions for that are listed on this website).

There are still heavy restrictions for travel into France from UK but there’s hope this will be revised next week by French government.


Thanks for the travel updates. This is ever changing, and as someone getting on a flight today, I’m always poking around travel websites to get the latest updates. Our trip to Europe commences in April, so also keeping a keen eye on what’s happening across the pond. Be safe all!!!

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