UK - New Testing for travel rules wef July 19th?

I’ve listened to the news here in the Uk and listened to the radio channels several times today but I am still confused! The rules wef 19 July say you must get a test before leaving the UK ( I understand this) … ‘ and on arrival’. Arrival WHERE??? In the destination country or arrival back in the UK at the end of your travel?
What’s your take on this? Am I just having a blonde moment?

I’ve been reading the new rules too on the Government website and tbh I gave up because I also got very confused, and it sounds like they won’t be fully updated until the 19th. Here’s the link though in case it helps:

My current understanding is that every destination country still has it’s own regulations that also have to be considered. I’ll have another read in the morning with a fresh brain :slight_smile:

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I would assume it means upon arrival back home to the UK. Whether you need a 2nd test upon arrival at your destination would depend very much on the destination itself. Some countries require a test, some don’t, and some like Canada do no allow non-essential travel at all.

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I don’t suppose there’s any news about rules for non-residents entering the UK? I’m a British citizen but have lived most of my life in Canada. I’d hate to assume the no-need-to-quarantine rules don’t apply, only to find that I’m wrong.

It means on arrival back into the UK we no longer have to self-quarantine - but on our onward journey we still have to follow the rules of the country we are travelling to

I am reading that vaccinations undertaken outside the UK are not accepted (for Britsh Citizens who are resident overseas) by the UK Gvmt.
This is bizarre, especially if the vaccine given is AZ or Pfizer!

But do we have to take an expensive test?

They will still need to pay for a test three days before returning to England, and now only one PCR test two days after arriving. ( previously it was 2 x PCR tests - two AND eight days after arriving back in the UK )

AZ and Pfizer not accepted??? That’s a problem :rage:

@Myhnabird NO VACCINATIONS are accepted by the UK gvmt if they have been administered outside the UK. That includes AZ and Pfizer.
There was a big feature on the UK news channels yesterday. Heartbreaking for families who want to travel and are double jabbed. And quite bizarre.
Don’t get me started!

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I sure hope sensible heads prevail over the next couple of months…

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I agree that doesn’t seem fair. Canadians are now allowed to return to Canada without quarantine so long as they are fully vaccinated and it doesn’t matter where it was done.

ETA for Canadians: Your vaccination must be approved by Health Canada — Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, Oxford-AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson.

Travellers from other countries are still not allowed to enter the country for non-essential reasons.

I understand that they are trying to sort this to accept vaccinations done in other countries…… seems mad to me, if every country only accepted shots done in their own country no one would be going anywhere!!! Hopefully common sense will eventually prevail…


Apparently it has something to with batches of (all ) vaccines originating in India.

Still need a pre-arrival test (likely paid by you depending on where you are coming from) and post-arrival one (covered).

Canadians do? Yes, a couple of tests, but no 14 day quarantine and no govt hotel quarantine which can get pricey. We just have to quarantine at home for a day or two until the test goes back negative.

I feel so sorry for you Brits. It seems to us people outside of the UK that your PM & Govt are becoming experts at issuing contraditions and illogical measures relating to covid. Everyone seems quite confused with all the mixed messages. :thinking:
I’ve had my Pfizer jabs recorded in my international vaccination passport and am hoping that as an Irish citizen I can also get access to the EU Digital covid certificate
In the meantime, I’ve taken to getting my ex airline colleagues to check in TIMATIC for information relating to the UK. At least that system has up to the minute changes for entry conditions to every country that are in plain english.
Im flying from Green zone NZ to Paris in a few days time. No PCR or anything extra required :partying_face:
By the time I take the Eurostar to London in September I am hoping that Boris might have sorted out the entry requirements so that the average Joe can understand them. Just hope that Delta isn’t rampant by then :mask: :pray:


You should also register with the U.S. Embassy if you’re traveling overseas using the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).