Latest Canada Travel update

Anyone entering Canada by air must now take a PCR test upon arrival (only the US is exempt) and quarantine at home or in a hotel until the results are returned. This is regardless of vaccination status.

This is a new restriction and so there may be a bit of a time lag before it is fully implemented. But be prepared for it.

Canada also has a temporary ban on any person entering Canada who has been in a list of countries in Africa. Check the govt website to see the most current list.

Already in place:

  • you must be fully vaccinated to enter Canada from air, land, or sea.
  • you must take a PCR test within 72 hours before entering Canada.
  • you must download the ArriveCan app and make sure all your information is uploaded before you fly.

More details here.


Thank you for the update @Kelownagurl

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Damn but understandable. No one knows what this new variant will do. It’s so different from the others.

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@Kelownagurl I think it should more accurately be called a re-test, given the air passenger would have had a negative result within the 72-hour period before flight. I have to wonder whether they’re experiencing fake test results and want to keep that quiet. I will be affected by this, but staying home for a few days after I return home to Canada won’t be a hardship for me as I tend to stay home more these days anyway.

I’m still puzzled by US flights being exempt. :roll_eyes:

Thanks for keeping everyone updated.

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I think it’s because there are still enough people who test positive for COVID within a few days of landing that they are being on the extra-careful side. A lot can happen in the 72 hours from the pre-test.

Re: US flights exempt? I have no clue. I suspect it’s political in some way. They’ve been trying to keep everything the same rules everywhere in North America.


Having another PCR test makes sense to me. I recently returned to Canada from Egypt. People don’t give much personal space in airports; I self isolated before it became mandatory.


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@Kelownagurl Thank you so much for the update–even my Canadian neighbors aren’t sure what the travel updates are as things can change within the blink of an eye.

Just an update that will mostly affect Canadians for now. The government has put a travel advisory on ALL international travel again. For me, that means our travel medical insurance won’t cover us if we travel to a country that’s under advisory. If you’re planning to travel anyway, make sure to check that your insurance still covers you.

There will be additional testing measures (and potentially new quarantine rules?) being announced later this week for international travellers or anyone returning to Canada. I will post them once they are announced.

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It means the same for us. I’m currently in Spain and my partner is supposed to be coming to join me at the end of the month but I’m wondering if she’s better off staying in Canada now. Ugh!

Yeah, tough call. I can’t afford to take a risk and travel without health/travel insurance.

I don’t think it’s a good idea either. Since I am already here my insurance is ok but if hers won’t be it would be just our luck that something would happen.

You might want to double check your insurance. When my brother in law was in Arizona during the first lock down, their insurance company contacted them and told them they had x number of days to get home because their insurance would no longer be valid.

Dec 17, the restrictions for people coming from that list of countries in Africa has been rescinded. The same rules apply to everyone now.

They are also scaling up testing upon arrival as well. For now it’s random, but they are working towards testing 100% of people arriving and you must quarantine while you wait for the results. Could be up to 2-3 days but I think it’s usually quicker than that.

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We’re pondering if a quick hop to Vic & Calg may be possible mid 2022 but unsure how many gov’t sites we need to keep an eye on?

Is it possible to fly within provinces?

BC and Alberta have never had any travel restrictions between them so that should be no problem. The only closed borders have been in the maritimes. I can find out more if you’re headed that way. But I suspect mid-2022 should be totally fine anyway.

The main thing you need to check is the Canadian border, unless you’re already here. The entry requirements change from time to time, depending on the current situation.

Latest info can be found here and it’s updated regularly.


Thanks heaps! Will keep an eye on the link :+1: