Canada travel update: Feb 15, 2022

I am so happy that as of Feb 28, 2022, the Canadian govt is lifting all travel advisories that were put in place on Dec 15th. This means my credit card medical and travel insurance will be valid and I can travel again! We are going to start looking for a housesit in southern England for a week or two in May or June.

Also: fully vaccinated travellers will be able to take a monitored rapid test (or a PCR test within 72 hours) within 24 hours, as pre-entry, and will not have to take a 2nd PCR upon arrival.

(Unvaccinated foreign nationals are still not allowed to enter Canada unless they have one of the few exemptions.)



You will have a choice of a PCR test within 72 hrs or a rapid test. But you cannot administer the rapid test yourself. It has to be done one day before entering Canada (not 72 hrs as for the PCR test). Also, it has to be done at an Authorized Clinic. How do you know what is an authorized clinic and what is not. T

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According to the information, it will depend on what country you are coming from.

“Taking a rapid antigen test at home is not sufficient to meet the pre-entry requirement – it must be authorized by the country in which it was purchased and must be administered by a laboratory, healthcare entity or telehealth service.”

There are countries that have offer monitored tests for travel, often at or near the airport, and there are also tests you can purchase that allow you to make an appointment and do the test via video link. Where are you travelling from?

Also, you’re right about the 24 hours for rapid tests. I corrected my post.

So very happy for you @Kelownagurl
This is very good news for everyone.

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@Kelownagurl - That’s great news one Canada and your trip to southern England. I looked at your blog, I assume you have some walking excursions planned for England? We had planned to walk the Isle of Arran with Macs Adventure in May but Macs couldn’t get the hotel rooms booked. We are still going to Arran to hike Goat Fell and going to Campbeltown to walk some of the Kintyre Way but really wanted to do the loop walk of the island…next time. If you guys ever want to come to Delaware, we’d love to meet you as we are big walkers and bike riders. If you want to visit with a housesit, I have a sweet cat that you would love and a wonderful town to relax in.


Thanks so much Peg! At this point, we aren’t planning any walking trips, other than walking dogs we may sit. Your trip sounds great, but too bad you couldn’t get the Isle of Arran booked. Maybe next time.

We have not yet travelled to the eastern states but will some day for sure. It’s good to know we have someone we can connect with when we go!

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We are heading to Mexico next week. I am just concerned about what is an authorized place and what is not. The news said it could be done at an authorized clinic. Doing it at a lab would take more than one day to get results. What happens if you get to the airport and they say that the test was not done at an authorized place? How am I to know which ones are authorized and which are not?

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Many (most?) resorts in Mexico offer testing. Have you searched online for clinics that do covid tests in the area you will be?

Here’s an example. Cancun Airport COVID 19 Testing Information

And this article is from Oct 2021 but it may still be valid.

The information in that link is dated Oct 25. Obsolete. The news today said that the test has to be purchased and administered in the country you are travelling to. Anyways, I am going for one month so I will have time to investigate when I get there. Not staying at a resort. Going to Monterrey in the north of Mexico.

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Yes, I did point out that the link is from October. I was sharing it as an example of the “Telehealth” type kits that are available. If Air Canada doesn’t still have them, you should be able to google who does. I think in some cases, you can buy them before you leave and use them the day before you return home. I have friends who did that.

I just checked - this is the company they used. They bought the tests before they left, then did them via video chat, uploaded a QR code with results etc.

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I just watched the national news and it is more clear now. The test has to be administered by a government medical facility such as a hospital or medical clinic. Getting it done at a pharmacy or other private company or doing it yourself will not be accepted. This takes effect 28 Feb. How it was done in the past does not matter now. New rules.

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Good to know, thanks. But they do include Telehealth as an option as well. Depending on where you’re going, that might be the safest bet.

The rules keep changing. Could be different again before I get back.

That’s true but personally I would still pay the extra and do the Telehealth version if I were going to a place like Mexico.