4 OCT 2021 - Latest UK Travel Updates

British holidaymakers have taken a big step closer to normality after travel rules changed from 4am today.

Half-term holidays will be easier as the amber list is scrapped, while testing requirements are set to be relaxed for double-jabbed Brits.

There will also be a fresh update on the red list this week - with reports claiming it could be slashed from 54 countries to just nine.


This is welcome news! I’ve been keeping a close eye on the new regulations since I will fly from Switzerland to London on October 13.

For double-jabbed, non-Brits, I’m happy that we “only” need to take a day 2 Covid test now.

I’m hoping to go to Sweden at the end of March to visit my son, at the moment I don’t think UK citizens are allowed into Sweden… At least it should be easier for me to get back home once they do let us in!

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We are currently in Switzerland (not on a sit, just a vacation). Our flights were Tampa to Dallas/Fort Worth; DFW to London Heathrow; London Heathrow to Geneva. We were only at Heathrow for about 2.5 hours. We were required to have a covid test taken 3 days prior to the departure flight for entry into Heathrow (even though it was merely in transit) - it could have been either PCR or rapid Antigen, and written results. We also had to fill out a form for a QR code - again, even though merely transiting through the airport. Though Switzerland did not require a covid test for entry, we did have to complete a health form in which we indicated we were fully vaccinated. We received a QR code in return which we presented at immigration. We also brought along our vaccination cards which have come in very handy. Here in Switzerland, you cannot eat indoors at a restaurant without proof of vaccination - some restaurants have accepted our vaccine cards. It’s important for everyone traveling to know the rules of their destination country, as well as transit countries…and of course, the requirements for returning home! I felt so sorry for the people at LHR and GVA who arrived without the proper forms…Good luck all!


Thank you for this insightful information @PassportSoulmates … having personal experience of the protocols and procedures passed on is so helpful as travel compliance can be somewhat of a minefield …

Side note: It looks like the UK now allows mixed vaccines which is good news for a lot of Canadians.

For anyone traveling to the UK here is the official UK gov site with the latest 4th October regulations:

The red list page still hasn’t been updated but we expect to see that in the next couple of days and will post that here too.


UK Travel Update … Red Lists Slashed To Just & Countries
As usual the popular media come first with the news, we will update with the Official UK Gov site when available.

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