Swiss Travel from the UK

Hi All
I have been bamboozled by the official information pages on travel requirements into Switzerland. All I want to know is can I go? and do I need to test prior to going . I’m fully vaccinated including booster.
Help me please.
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Not sure where you are traveling from or when, but here is the official Swiss website detailing entry requirements:

Seems you do not have to present a negative test result to enter Switzerland, but you do need proof of vaccination .

You should double check requirements with your airline as they may want a negative test.

Thanks for the info. much appreciated. I am in Edinburgh Scotland.

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I understand your confusion, @fyfie! As a naturalized Swiss and a resident of Switzerland, I struggle to make sense of the official government website.

My interpretation is that fully vaccinated people, like you, are able to enter Switzerland without having to present any other documents (negative PCR test, etc). You may have to show your vaccination certificate.

In any case, all Covid restrictions in Switzerland will be dropped on April 1, 2022. At the moment, people are still required to wear masks on public transport and to quarantine for 5 days if they have Covid. Those requirements will end on Friday.

A couple of travel websites confirmed the above. Here’s the link for one.

Best wishes for your upcoming trip to Switzerland. I’m currently enjoying myself very much in the UK! :grinning:

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thanks for that, I was doing an application when I thought hmm Id better check the status and I gave up the application in the end as I couldn’t be sure of what was required. Officialdom huh.
Glad you are enjoying the UK… where are you.
I live in Edinburgh .


@fyfie You should go ahead and apply, especially if the sit is after April 1. I’ve noticed that there are a lot of interesting sits in Switzerland at the moment.

Edinburgh is a wonderful city! Our daughter did a master’s degree there. She now lives in London and we’ve combined visiting her with a great sit in Buckinghamshire.

Happy travels!

My husband travelled to Basel in Switzerland on 21st March from Manchester, he had to show his Covid’ pass re vaccinations but did not have to test at and returned back safely on 28th March. No testing needed.

“You can enter Switzerland without any further pandemic-related measures.”
No test, proof of vaccination etc.

Thanks to all who replied. much appreciated.
Happy Spring. :heart_eyes: