Latest UK Travel Update - November 27th

Boris Johnson has announced new Covid rules will be introduced The Government said more details would be announced “early next week”, would take effect “from next week” and all of the new measures would be temporary and reviewed after three weeks.

The changes announced by the PM are for England - though the Scottish government have confirmed they will apply in Scotland as well.

Arrivals in the UK now need to take a PCR test - not just a cheaper lateral flow - within 48 hours of entering the UK.

They must isolate at home until the a negative test result comes back.

Official Government Website Link Foreign travel advice - GOV.UK

I’m set to leave the US for a string of 4 UK sits - leaving 30 Nov, first sit starts 3 Dec. I’ve booked my lateral flow test - and now the UK is changing the rules, I think - seen news stories but as of 1pm US eastern time the www sit still says LF is good. But I’ve also seen news reports saying I need to isolate until the test results are back.
Anyone have any thoughts?

Hi Tom, according to this article as of the 25th, these on the red list have been reactivated South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana, Eswatini and Zimbabwe. Direct flights from these countries were banned on November 26 until November 29, when arrivals must go into hotel quarantine.
Not seeing any restrictions for vaccinated US citizens

I will keep checking and share anything I find.

My first sit, near L’pool wrote to me that Boris is announcing a change to PCR requirement and isolate until the results are in. I’ve written the clinic that I’m scheduled for the LF to see if they can change it and move the appointment to Wed afternoon. I arrive in the UK Wed at 8 am.

This is up to date and has links to official government sites.
So far looks like you are clear.

Very difficult one. If you were returning to your home in the UK you would be allowed to travel there then isolate. What’s the difference with a sit? Maybe there might not be a handover in person but as long as everything is written down or even video chat there should be no problem.
We did this a year ago. The householders left us copious amounts of notes and we isolated for the mandatory 14 days (as was ruled then). It was lucky the house had a huge garden and backed onto a wood for dog walking. We had groceries delivered and just chilled.

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I’m still surprised that it’s also not mandatory to test negative before you even get on the plane.


Is there an ‘as of’ date posted? I’ve contacted the test company that I set up and they will allow me to upgrade my test for just the difference in price and let me keep the LF test for future use. Trying to change my appt date from the day after I arrive to afternoon of the day I arrive.
Also scheduled a US test for Sunday - 2nd day before departure.


This is on the UK gov site and says starting next week for mandatory PCR test and that you do need to self isolate until results are back.
Hope everything works out, we just flew back from there today to Canada.


We have been in the UK for three separate trips this year. We have found you can take the day 2 test from between day 0 ( arrival day and end of day 2. We book a PCR test and drive straight there from the airport. We generally use
Express Test and have the results by mid-afternoon next day. Express Test have sites at the airport, Waterloo Train Station and various other locations. We have used Eastleigh and Reading Football club locations which are just a short distance from the motorway.


Here is the most up to date info, looks like it starts on the 30th Nov


05 DEC 2021 - Update re Testing (begins 4am GMT on Tuesday 7th Dec)

Screenshot 2021-12-05 11.57.57

Please make sure you check the type of test required and accepted on the government websites.

This is dated 7th Dec 2021 - gives the latest travel rules in summary for Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Portugal, Netherlands, Greece, Ireland and the USA. Remember to also check the official government website.

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