Uk travel restrictions as of December 8?

Anyone concerned about new protocols – test at your own expense and quarantine even if you’re fully vaxxed – for int’l travelers headed to England?

Haven’t seen it mentioned here…

Yes, it has already been mentioned. We have travelled, when we can, throughout this pandemic and followed each countries rules to the letter, paying for tests and quarantining when asked without any incidents.
I think us travellers have to get used to these rules, it’s not going to go away anytime soon. There’s going to be ebbs and flows as each new variant hits us. Just keep up with the rules and regulations and you’ll be fine.


Agreed. We are in a situation of constant flux so those of us that do wish to travel have to really be tuned in with what’s current and evaluate our own situation, flexibility, adaptability but also take into consideration the potential impact of others.

My trip is still on my calendar.

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Hi @YourFunAuntie I tend to agree with @ElsieDownie that it’s something we are going to have to build into our travel planning for a while yet. We are posting about changes to restrictions in some of the most popular house sit countries and regions especially if they change suddenly, but you’ll find these conversations in the travel category (by date).

The best advice we can give though is to make sure you have access to the official government websites in both your country of exit and country of destination so you can check the most up-to-date info when making plans and throughout the lead up to sits.

And have a plan B (and a flexible mindset :slight_smile: )
Are you traveling to UK soon? Hope all goes smoothly.


One can’t predict or shift plans around a snap announcement that international arrivals must self-quarantine while waiting the results of a test, which is why I referred specifically to last week’s changes per website.
I’m fine with sitting tight, I’ve been travelling since 2019, so it’s not my first rodeo. I’m just not fond of being blasted for same by homeowners cause I’ve had to cancel a sit scheduled several months ago.
I was just wondering if anyone was in the same position, as my search for UK, December 2021, England, etc. on the forum didn’t yield any results.

This will have a knock on effect even if we stay sitting in UK. Any home owners going abroad and then testing positive just before their return will need to have made arrangements with the sitter ‘just in case’ they have to stay abroad and quarantine. My Xmas sit has done this with us already as they are going to the States - so we will be on standby to stay a further 2 weeks if required. Happy days!


@TravellingWitch this is so true. We have limited ourselves to sits in the UK, but have had 2 sits cancelled this year due to positive PCR results or PCR results not arriving for the home owners prior to travelling. The first time this happened my husband and I asked ourselves what we would have done if the same thing had happened when the home owners were due to return.

Should this happen to our Christmas sit, we would have a week remaining of the school Christmas holidays after the sit, so we would be able to stay (have 2 boys at school and I work in another school). Also the sit is only 40 minutes - 1 hour away from home, so it would be possible to commute to school if necessary if the home owners were delayed beyond the end of the school holidays.

It’s all about being flexible and adapting to what COVID throws at us!