Non UK home owners - are you ready to accept UK sitters in 2022?

I asked a similar question some months ago but thought I’d ask again now that travel is easing somewhat, we’re mostly vaccinated & boostered and have to live with COVID-19.
Can non UK- based home owners let us know if you’re ready and willing to accept UK sitters please who aren’t already in your country, so will have to arrange flights etc?

We got our first sit in NYC a couple of weeks back so it looks like some are opening up to the idea of transatlantic travel. Interesting they are going to Portugal. We flew to Panama in November and making our way slowly North.
Watch out for flight prices. No longer any cheap carriers. The prices will make your eyes water.


I am a sitter living in Canada. I don’t get any sense that Canada is easing up on travel into this country. Within the country, many provinces are tightening up on rules and restrictions again. If I were a homeowner, I would still err on the side of caution for quite a while yet. Just my take on things, of course.


That’s good to hear, but not so good about flight prices although completely understandable

Here in Greece we’re perfectly happy to accept UK sitters, and Greece has remained open (with changing testing requirements) since covid first showed its ugly face. Flights are really cheap atm too!


I’d be concerned about the validity of travelers’ medical insurance.

I live in the US, Delaware and would only be comfortable now, if the UK sitter was coming to the US a week or so before my sit…there by giving some leeway if airline issues or covid issues. I really want to be able to say yes to someone from another country, as much as I want to sit in another country and hope 2022 is the year we get back to normal!


Thank you, that’s good to know

Yes I understand that. I’m not happy at the moment about considering travelling to the US or Canada, even a week before a sit. Thanks for your response

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I notice you’re in the US. There would be no problem getting insurance in the UK and guess it would be my choice to take a chance if I might be cancelled owing to COVID.

Welcome to the forum @Mrs_Z and thank-you for giving your update on welcoming sitters from overseas. Here’s hoping this summer is easier for everyone.

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You can say that again! At least things are going in the right direction in the UK :blush: