UK Entry Update For EU & US Nationals

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No quarantine for fully jabbed EU and US arrivals

Fully vaccinated travellers from US and EU will be allowed to enter England without quarantining, ministers have decided (46 kB)


We have been double jabbed in France & need to get back to the UK for a wedding end of August. Phew! Well they still have to get France off that “amber +” list, but I’m sure they will soon too.

Now, where’s my wine? I need to celebrate! :grinning:


Els… correct me if I’m wrong (it applies to us too) but I think it still applies to France - the quarantine?

“Tougher rules will continue to be in place for France, which is on the amber list but still requires travellers to quarantine when they return, even if they are fully vaccinated.”

Tell me what you think? Is that how you read it?

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Yes the original euphoria has made place for “oh damn”! You’re right France isn’t off the hook yet. However I read on the Daily Express website that France should be “normal amber” next week. And if the Daily Express says so… :joy::joy:
I’m hopeful that it’s a matter of weeks though…


Apologies to you both @Els @Vanessa-Admin I should have added “Except France” … I didn’t mean to raise false French travel hopes :slightly_frowning_face:


Kind of surprising, in a crazy way, that they aren’t allowing vaccinated Canadians in without quarantine, when you compare our vaccination rates and new case rates to the US.


As soon as France allows Brits in, you’ll see the vapour trails from my car as I drive down to Folkestone!


Hope you get there for the wedding. It is just so exciting anticipating travel again isn’t it? I am looking forward to getting out of Australia.

We are due in a France on 21st September. The ferry is booked already. I think we can travel from UK to France without quarantine, it’s the coming back is the problem.
We already have a contingency plan, fly to Panama direct from France instead of returning home to UK first. Then we hit another snag, where to leave the car for five months. Problems, problems, problems……but we shall overcome.

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Thank you @snowbob ! It’s my partner’s son wedding so we’d better get there! :grinning:
All through the pandemic we were able to move between France, Spain & Belgium without any problem (apart from mandatory tests & forms of course), but getting into the UK is a real hassle. Never mind getting back out afterwards! :grinning:

Hope you get to travel soon again!

According to the Guardian this morning, France is still under quarantine because of the high prevalence of some dangerous variant… in Reunion Island!!! (Where locals show a strong distrust and reject vaccination ). So in effect I can’t housesit in England because of a bunch of people thousands of miles away. The butterfly’ s wing…

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That’s so sad. Hope things change soon for you.

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