Flight cancellations now

I am stuck in Vancouver. The 3rd time airline changed my date and flight. Tried several Airlines. Am I the only one?

From what I hear, there are flight cancellations due to staffing issues everywhere, 1000’s every day. It’s a challenging time for air travel. Hang in there, hope you get a flight soon. I imagine every time the flight changes, you have to get another PCR test as well?

Every time a new test

Wow, that must be frustrating. Are you headed to a new housesit? Is there a chance you will be late? Where are you headed?

I want to mention a tip about flight cancellations, although it’s not the same scenario as Grandma is in.

I booked a flight to another country for late December 2021, but chose not to buy the much higher priced one, where I could get a refund. The flight was booked in pre-Omicron days and things were looking rosy at that time. Unfortunately, I had to cancel that trip. However, when I booked the flight I had the option of paying an additional $10 (Canadian - so not much :roll_eyes:) to be able to change the date once. Thinking the Canadian airlines might need to reduce flight frequency, given we were being asked to avoid non-essential travel, I moved my booking to February 1.

Christmas Eve morning I woke up to an email from the airline saying that my February flight had been cancelled and did I want the newly scheduled date or a refund. No prizes for guessing which one I chose. Thanks, Santa, for delivering an unexpected Christmas present. Now to see if I can be lucky enough for the same to happen to my return flight. If so, I should start buying lottery tickets. :wink:

All my sits canceled also
Going to US.

Oh too bad, sorry they’ve been cancelled. At least you won’t have a tight time frame to get to the US then. Hope you find something soon.

Can you drive across the border then grab a US flight?

I suspect there are more US flights that are being cancelled, than Canadian ones?

I checked with couple rental car companies. Because you are going to another country, they were not to accommodating one way.
The company who was willing to help wanted $560. I cannot afford. Ticket Seattle to Orlando, my destination ,more $500.
Hasn’t been easy but I will get there.
Thanks for all your great thoughts.

I’m hoping I have such luck! I’m supposed to be flying to the States in a few weeks and now planning on canceling but will hold off for a while to see if the airline cancels!

Well I wish you much success and a safe journey home quickly.

Have you considered Amtrak - Vancouver to Seattle? I’m surprised it’s available but it seems to be. Seats available tomorrow, prices starting at $45USD


Thank you very much.