Easter Travels and Cancellations?

I noticed a day ago where British Airways and easyJet are cancelling many flights due to understaffing as a result of covid. No doubt they are not the only airlines having to do this. With Easter and school holidays fast approaching, both owners and sitters need to be prepared for last minute cancellations and have a Plan B in place. We’ll think positive but it is likely that members will be affected.


Great reminder. I’ve seen a lot of delays and cancellations happening recently in many of the travel groups I am in.

Also just read about planned weekend train strikes until June in the UK.

I’ve been thinking this myself…

Having a Plan B is always advisable!

The HOs of our most recent sit, which was supposed to end last Saturday, asked if we could stay until Sunday when their BA flight was canceled. As we always leave lots of wriggle room before and after sits, we were happy to extend our stay. It would have been different if we had booked a return flight for the listed end date.


Welcome to the new world.
I ended up extending my Xmas/New Year sit by a day when the HOs’ flights were cancelled and they had to overnight in Phoenix on their return from Hawaii.
And I’m changing sits on Easter weekend - from Hitchin to Worcester. Fortunately not transferring through London where the Underground has announced multiple closures for maintenance.
But this has been going on for a while. I was returning from a sit on Jeju Island, Korea on 2 Feb 2019 when the world started shutting down for covid. I was scheduled to fly back to the US via Shanghai and my flight was cancelled. Fortunately, Delta took care of me through Seoul - had to change airports by subway but got home.

Oh no I missed that news. Looks like I’m staying in Scotland for a while yet.