Allergies from apartment / pet

Hi, I’m on a housesit at the moment and I’m allergic to something in the apartment or the dog. I’ve done a few housesits before, and have been in contact with animals my whole life, and this has never happened. I’ve got hives, my eyes are swollen and my throat is sore. I’ve bought allergy medicine and cream to help the itching and the rash but I’m not sure it’s getting better. It started the first day of my sit and has progressively got worse.

I haven’t told the owners since they’re away and I don’t want to worry them. They’re back in 5 days but if this continues to get worse I’m going to figure out an alternative solution. Has anyone else experienced something like this or had to call a sit early? Any advice welcome.



Oh my-that does not sound like a pleasant way to spend your time on a sit. Since you haven’t had issues with animals in the past, could it possibly be something in the house, like bedding/bath towels (fabric softener), or a change in lotions or sun block? Has the pet been recently groomed, perhaps what why were bathed with? Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. Hope you find some relief soon.


Hello @sarahmariethomo and so sorry to hear about your allergy. I’ve had allergies to things all my life so know how awful this can be with a lot depending on the severity of the reaction.

There are two things we’d suggest. Firstly that you get checked out by a medical practitioner (or pharmacist?), especially if this is getting worse rather than better, and particularly if you are on your own.

Secondly we would advise that you do consider contacting the homeowner. No-one wants to worry an owner, but occasionally situations occur that are outside our control, and if you do need treatment I think they might prefer notice so they have time to plan ahead if necessary. Or alternatively… have they left you an emergency contact, someone you could contact locally who can cover if you do require medical treatment before they return?

I do feel for you as we all want to do the right thing by everyone. However, both your health, and the care of the dog are important and if this were to result in you having to leave the sit for medical treatment, pre-planning will I’m sure be very much appreciated.

Hope things do improve but do also take care and let us know how you get on.


I would definitely talk to the home owner and maybe go to an urgent care for some better meds. Do you have any known allergies to anything? I occasionally have random allergic reactions in new places but I think it’s mostly from plants


Thank you! Yes, I have been cleaning/washing things today with different detergent to see if that helps. Process of elimination. It has got better with Benadryl thank goodness!

Thank you for your thoughtful reply!

I went to the pharmacists. The swelling seems to have got better but rash is still present.

I’ve been in touch with the homeowners and we are going to play it by ear. There are relatives/friends who can help if need be.

Hopefully it starts to clear up or I can at least manage it until the end of the sit.


Yes, no known allergies and I’ve never had a reaction like this…after staying in so many different places and being exposed to so many different animals which is why it’s so puzzling.

That’s very good news. Take care and let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

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Be well @sarahmariethomo

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