Applicants not Reading Info in my Listing

I would also question you referring to sitters as ‘excited’ yet refer to a pet owner as ‘responsible’!?

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Curious… once a sitter has been confirmed, the listing is removed. Is the confirmed sitter still able to see the listing?

Yes, it will always be in your inbox

Thank you…

@MnEm For someone who is viewing your listing on mobile, the phrase would be WAYYYY down the page to scroll. If them reading your entire listing and mentioning that keyword is important to you, I would have a section closer to the top that let’s them know that there is a keyword somewhere in the listing they should be on the lookout for and mention in their application when applying.

This way, they are really reading and looking for the keyword AND are probably concentrating even more on what you write. Especially since the keyword is in the middle of a second sentence. It was not immediately apparent to me where the keyword was, and I was looking for it.

As a home owner who apparently doesn’t live in everyone’s vacation paradise, I am wondering how many applications you normally get that you can play this “one word game”. I tend to put the important stuff at the beginning of my listing because I too sometimes spip the last paragraph of an article (I read a lot online, guess that’s why). If someone takes the time to read all the way to the end, that’s great. However, sometimes I am already pleased if the two to three applications I receive per sit are kind of personalized. I have only turned sitters down in general that didn’t even address me by name.

So skipping the last few lines and missing out a word would not bother me if the sitter otherwise has some great reviews, writes me a nice message, refers to other important things I mentioned and gives men an overall good vibe.


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