Applications From Prospective Sitters

I have experienced so many sitters that do not read the 'about me’section before applying.

I do not understand how sitters think they can see a time period and think they can apply without reading up on the person they want to sit for.

My home is not suitable for a couple and I clearly state this, yet I am having to decline sitters because they are applying as couples!

I have sitters that see I am in London and then drop out because they ‘didn’t realise’ that I do not live in Trafalgar Square. :grin:

Moral of the story, please read before applying because it is not an easy thing to decline people.
The expectation of Trusted Housesitter is the host sit should acknowledge all applicants, obviously those that do not read are declined and I will state why. But it also wastes time when you could be reading a good potential match.

Lastly, I had one applicant get my name wrong. A clear copy and paste! Not a good look.

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Hi Jordan - London sits are always popular and unfortunately since the 5 applicant rule was implemented sitters may see London and the dates match so rattle off a quick application.
This is obviously not ideal or professional but they have been forced in to it to open a line of communication with the homeowner just in case it is a good match.
I agree it a waste of time in most instances and very frustrating. Needs must at the moment to be in with a chance.


Hi @Jordan. I can understand your frustration at sitters not fully reading your listing. Since the automatic pausing of applications after 5 have been received, owners are tending to receive hastily written applications where the listing has not been read fully so that the applicant gets into the first 5, especially in popular and well-sought after locations like yours in London. There has also been a huge influx of new sitters, some being attracted by the advertising THS has been doing promoting free travel and accommodation to wonderful places. Many have not fully read and understood what THS is all about. It makes it a very difficult situation for both owners and sitters.
I do wish you well as it’s no longer a simple task as it used to be.


Could you change your location to be more specific? “London” is a big draw, you’re probably reaching all the folks who signed up for free travel vs the longer time pet sitters on the platform who take more care when applying.

That said, I get the same since THS started advertising free travel, and I’m in a small town. I had an application recently that just said “Yes, please, call me!” and I had to visit the profile to find out anything. The limited info spoke about their active lifestyle and taking dogs on adventures. I have cats, sheep, ducks, and fish. That person was just traveling for work and looking for free places to stay. Anyway, it happens a lot, and it’s annoying but probably unavoidable. Just decline, with or without a message, and make space for someone better.


Sitters should read. Owners should read too. I applied for a sit (read EVERYTHING) and even researched the city first. They wanted a phone chat, we set up the time, I researched their listing again, got my side of the questions all ready to go, pushed off my workout schedule for the interview, waiting for her to call, 10 minutes goes by and she sent me a THS message stating she didn’t realize I would be bringing my kids. Really? My application stated we were applying as a family. All of our photos show my family. All of the previous reviews refer to my family. Goes both ways. There will always be people who are detailed and people who are flying by the seat of their pants on both sides


Hi I’m commenting with both my sitter’s hat on and as THS Team member

Team members apply for sits in exactly the same way as all members. These may be in highly desirable locations, or not it all depends on pets, places and timing and like other members we get accepted and rejected in exactly the same way.

I normally do all of our pet sit management from application through sit completion but for this exercise I asked my husband, who is not used to assessing the suitability of sits on first glance (or second come to that) to look at @Jordan’s listing and tell me what were the main points … I put him on timer.

… without reading?

After just 29 seconds he said, they want a single sitter because the apartment is small, they have 2 cats, over 100 plants and the apartment is not in the centre of London.

29 seconds to know that if he were part of a couple/family looking for a sit, with a dog in “Trafalgar Sq.” :wink: this wasn’t the right sit and the application wouldn’t be successful.

Now if the sit was the right one and there were already 4 applications (even 5) if he started his application and stayed on the task, he could take as long as was necessary to complete a detailed, purposeful and potentially successful application (unlike others) and his chances of success would increase dramatically, in exactly the same way as it always has.

Point in case I recently applied for, and got accepted for a sit in a highly desirable location following this exact process.

If any member comes across press articles, blogs, online content or Social Media messaging “advertising” FREE travel and or FREE accommodation" the source is NOT TrustedHousesitters the only FREE used on the site and in our marketing is “The FREEdom To Travel”

Also something to be aware of the use of "FREE’ by media and external sources is nothing new it’s been used since THS started 13 years ago I have made many calls to get articles and headlines corrected … we didn’t always succeed but it’s important we get the messaging right.


I wonder how large the proportion of sitters is who know that. And it seems that one needs to click the box with the dates?

My guess it that it is only the select crowd that is hanging on this forum.

Hi @pietkuip there was a Product update (Oct '22) sent to all members explaining this part of the functionality.

Maybe it would be good to say something about this functionality in the instruction when applying, for example in the box with grey text that now says: “Tell them why you’re perfect for this sit.”

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[quote=“Twitcher, post:2, topic:37602”]
London sits are always popular and unfortunately since the 5 applicant rule was implemented sitters may see London and the dates match so rattle off a quick application.
[/London sits are always popular and unfortunately since the 5 applicant rule was implemented sitters may just see London and the dates match so rattle off a quick application.
Personally this isn’t something I would do myself. I still study any listing and only apply with a well thought out, personal and considered application. Inevitability I miss out on some popular listings but I would rather that than be thought unprofessional. I owe it to myself and the homeowner.

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My apologies, I have seen a some press and discussions on forums touting Free Travel but likely not directly from THS. Freedom to Travel is definitely true for both parties. Maybe it’s just that the amount of marketing THS does and press they receive now is reaching a wider audience and appeals to people who want to travel for free as much as/more than people who want to travel and pet sit. Something has changed since I joined in 2019, but I’m still grateful for THS and the many awesome sitters we’ve had.


Thank you @Shafofo but really no apologies are necessary :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s a huge amount of content about pet and housesitting across all media channels sometimes we get consulted, sometimes not and when we are we can help by guiding the story teller in the right direction … the “pets first” direction.

For the creator amplification of “FREE” simplifies the message and is guaranteed to get high attention/engagement.

And there are benefits in all of this …

Media amplification is creating greater awareness of pet & housesitting by opening up even more pet loving audiences to the this unique and mutually beneficial exchange, helping build trust in the how and the why, after all you’re more likely to trust something you’re familiar with and know others are successfully using than something completely unknown.

Slightly off topic to @Jordan’s point and apologies for that but I hope this helps bring a little more “light” to the subject.


Thanks for your feedback.
I am in London, not on the outskirts!
It’s literally them. Young, wanting city excitement and not reading properly.

It’s actually really easy to get to the city, they’re obviously just wanting Oxford Street on their sit doorstep.


Edited to remove personal information.

In various businesses, it’s common for the user base to change over time — that’s the case even with things totally unrelated to sitting. I mention that, because it’s not necessarily something that THS can control. Sometimes, it seems like THS members fault the company or are surprised by the evolving sitter base. But I’ve done a bunch of advising in various types of startups and one of the things we often face is a certain type of customer or user, then you hit a sort of saturation point of certain types of users (if you’re lucky, because the business is growing and more media and marketing attention and word of mouth happen) and you naturally end up reaching more users who aren’t like the earlier cohorts. In the case when you’re matchmaking in a marketplace, as THS does, that might not please HOs, but it’s a natural byproduct of a growing business.

And tangentially, I spent decades working in daily news. When we covered companies, we never let them control the narrative — the companies had no say even if the result was impressions of them that didn’t match their ideal marketing narrative. So I suggest that folks stop blaming THS for that — they can stress the pet responsibility parts, but what coverage results is out of their control.

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Hate to disappoint you but I’ve not blamed THS for anything.

Read my post.

What is wrong with people not reading things?
That’s my entire feedback!

Edited to remove personal information

Apologies to @Jordan who created the original post asking …

I’m sure that comment re: blaming THS was meant for me. Sorry we derailed your thread (and added to your frustration). That was not my intention, I just wanted to commiserate :wink: I hope things improve for you.

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I wrote that in reply to the thread and in general regarding various other threads and comments, of which I’ve read plenty, not to one comment.