My applications getting declined is so frustrating!

Hi all!

I have applied to a few housesits and my applications got declined. I write a paragraph explaining why I would be a good fit for the listing and nothing. It feels as if I am using this app for absolutely no reason! Anyone else has this issue?

Do you have previous reviews? Did you have a few references to put on your profile when you joined? (When I joined you had to have 3 – don’t know the policy now.) If you are a newbie it can take a while. Owners are more likely to pick sitters with some reviews. But don’t give up – “a few” before you score your first sit sounds par for the course. It took me 8 applications to get my first sit.
You can help your chances by creating the best profile you can – get some references if you haven’t, or get some more, from people who will vouch for your reliability/responsibility/maturity/etc. If you have an Airbnb profile you can link that, so people can see if you got good reviews as a guest.
Fill out all the profile sections explaining your experience.
When you apply you can highlight some of that, but don’t rehash all of it – invite homeowners to look at your profile for further details. But – some people get agitated at the comparison – I find it helpful to think of the application as a job application: give them the best sales pitch you can write about why you are a good sitter.
It helps to pick sits with “low applications”, and maybe in areas that aren’t big tourist spots. Is there something close to where you live, where you can go do a quickie sit and get your foot in the door with a review?
If you do all that, you just have to keep trying. I think it’s not uncommon to have a slow start when you’re new.
Good luck :slight_smile:


All good advice! I’d suggest looking for sits over easter weekend - there seem to be a lot around. Also definitely near where you live (unless you live in a super competitive place like London or NYC). Our first sits were a market town outside of London and one in the middle of nowhere. After that we could be a bit more choosy. Good luck!


Hi @Denisa
Have you got any reviews yet? If not can I suggest applying for local and last minute sits to build up your reviews. When I started nearly 2 years ago it took me 23 applications to get my first sit. I have since done 20 sits. Of course like everyone I still get declined for sits. Just keep applying for sits you like.


One thing that helps me feel less frustrated is to think of one immediately obvious quality about myself/my applications which might be off-putting to some homeowners but isn’t something I’d want to change. If someone declines with no message or a very brusque response and I feel it getting to me I just tell myself it’s because of that characteristic and it makes me feel better. It might not be that but the chances are it’s something similar and it does make me feel better. Also trying to remember that there will always be more sits coming along and in not getting a sit I’ve opened myself up to other ones,


Dont forget to mention the pets in your application. I try to find something interesting i can say about the pets. I comment on a picture they’ve included in their profile, mention i have experience with the breed, comment on clever pet names, mention how adorable they are, etc. I show a real interest in the particular pet i am applying to sit. I always read the listing and reviews of the sit throughly and address any concerns the homeowners might have or emphasize that i love doing the things that the pets love doing.

Apply to last minute sits or sits with low applications to get experience and reviews. And get some outside references.

Be deligent. Try to be the first to apply. You are going to get sits eventually.

Everyone gets declined. It is disheartening. It just takes a while to find out what really works. Keep at it!


I’ve been denied many times!!

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Thank you @Junipers I appreciate it:). I live in New Jersey and they do have sits I might consider.

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Hi @richten1 I am new new on this website. I do not have any reviews yet. Thanks so much for the advice :slight_smile: I appreciate it! I will definitely consider applying for last minute sits.

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Thanks so much for your advice and response @Makelikeanapeman :slight_smile: I will keep all that in mind when applying to house or pet sit.

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@Makelikeanapeman You are right, in one’s application, it’s essential to talk to the prospective homeowners about how you’ll take care of their pets, their home. It shows that a sitter has thoroughly read the listing and has thought about how they’ll take care of things.

That can help a new sitter get their first and subsequent sits! :slight_smile:

P.S. – We are sitters and homeowners on THS.

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I have never done that, I think, and I got sits anyway. So no, essential it is not.

I’m always intrigued about how others approach applications! Do you go more for your points in common with the homeowner or reasons for wanting to visit their town? I’ve sometimes tried other approaches to try and secure sits but always end up going back to my gut instinct, figuring if someone doesn’t like it that’s probably a decent filter that we might not click

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