Unread housesitting applications which are declined

I’ve just had two applications for sits declined yet showing that they haven’t been read by the houseowner. Obviously no message to me either to explain. Is anyone else experiencing this? It seems to be the new normal! I’ll also ask this of houseowners!


We have this happen a lot, even in pre-covid times, unfortunately. For us, I think it’s because we often tend to house sit in urban areas, and people are very busy, so they don’t look through all their applicants. They just look at the first few, choose someone, and don’t end up looking at the rest.


Owners can see the headline and first few lines without opening the whole application. I get a lot of ‘standard’ applications and don’t go further with sitters who don’t get straight in there with something relevant to me/my pets.


I always personalise my applications. I still think it’s nice for owners to at least acknowledge the sitters.


Correct, it is nice. It is also time consuming and somewhat emotionally taxing to reject people ALL of which may be very qualified, but only ONE choice can be made.

Sometimes Owners do acknowledge your application.
Sometimes owners give an explanation for rejecting your application
Sometimes they do both.

But if they don’t, please do not take it personally. Two rejections are not a lot. Persevere.


What sounds “relevant” @Lynda ? When sitters give the names of your pets? Do they have any, i understood you own tortoises and reptiles…
I can’t see your listing as you are not seeking any sitter
What could be a satisfying application , what do you expect from sitters ? I don’t see what is a "straight"answer
i’m curious being an owner and a a sitter as well
If you just read the headlines, do you decline applications sending a message to the sitters who have answered ? Individually or with the group answer possibility ?
Or you don’t waste time declining ?
THS will do the job for sure, sending sitters once you have selected one the "you have not been successful this time " message to the others…

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We find it totally disrespectful to not reply to an application. If someone has taken the time to apply, at least a small acknowledgment is the least that can be done. It doesn’t need to be something lengthy and can even be copied and pasted. Just a quick “Sorry we had a lot of applicants and we had to choose someone. If we have sits in the future, we’d love you to apply again.”


Exactly what we think. Common courtesy isn’t it?


@ChrisAndSuzeGoWalkies, @Jon-JWalking This is what I do always, and never I did not take the time to open the applicant’s message. How strange !
Courtesy MUST be on both sides
I would never do as an owner something I hate as a sitter. It’s interesting to have the 2 points of view.


I expect that as I’m offering free luxury accommodation to someone in a very sought after location, they should at least make the effort to personalise their application to me. I’ve had applications where people don’t even write something at all, or just put “see my profile”, or, almost worse still write gushingly about how they’ve always wanted to have a holiday where I am. I’m of course looking for someone who realises they need to demonstrate why they should be shortlisted. They should address the topic of my specific exotic pets and how/why they are the right person to look after them. There’s something in pet sitting for both parties and we both have a lot to gain/lose in choosing the right person. I have a standard acknowledgement reply that I send to everyone, saying I’ll be back in touch if they are shortlisted. Because of where I live, I often get 20 applications within the first few hours. My pets are precious to me, so I look for people who take their application seriously.


Thanks @Lynda , i did not know some sitters could reply in such a rude manner, only telling you “look at my profile”.

I know sitters sometimes don’t seem to have read your ad (I’m seeking people able to speak french, what I insist on in my ad, when I ask them later, on the phone they are not able to understand a word…) Some obviously are curious about Provence (what I can understand, I chose to live there although I’m a true Parisian) and seem to be more aware of things to do in the region than with my pets.

I’ve been astonished a man living in Thailand wanted to come (for a week) and a family from south America. They might have wanted to contact me and other people in my area to do a “tour” ?? I would have understood If they had explained they had in mind other sits in my country. But they kent silent

But all “candidates” sent me personal messages. So far…

I must confess my experience is rather new : 2 sitters found via THS, 5 via Nomador before (all europeans). Since 2018.

I would love so much to see how your pets look like. Even if I’m not fond of reptiles, I’m very curious!

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@ChrisAndSuzeGoWalkies I don’t know if Trusted Housesitters requests that owners acknowledge all applications, if not it would be an idea that they add that to the general info when people join or send a message out to current members


Well @Smiley, THS tells owners to answer applicants when we receive an application
Obviously not everyone follows the advice…


I was sure they would @Provence. Thanks for the clarification

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What I don’t like is when you take the time to apply for a sit, hear nothing, but the sit continues to stay advertised for ages with your application still unread! Or when there are 20 or 30 (or more!) applications and the sit is still up there.


Hello Aliden. Welcome

If you have time, you will see many members have evoked that topic on this forum
Make a research (using the magnifying glass and topic “answer” for example or reading all sitters category messges) and you’ll see it’s a frequent question. Unsolved so far. Some of us would like THS put a limit. Others no…
All of us think it’s rude not to answer sitters


A few days ago i saw a new ad from somebody in Paris i had contacted last december (I was not available but i wanted to let her know i could look after
her cat in the future.)

She had answered she would contact me “for sure” next time. A warm message. She lives in a part of Paris where i used to live, doing the same job. Many things in common. A black cat too.

This time my application was declined that very day with not any explanation from her. She has not even read my message.

But the listing is still on line. The amount of applicants is growing. What a strange attitude…


As a sitter, I totally agree. I find it very rude not to even acknowledge a sitter’s application. All it takes is one email which can be sent to all who applied. I wouldn’t even consider applying on the same sit again without an acknowledgement.


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Well i must give news.
When i’m quite unhappy with a HO i send a message telling it was not courteous to décline without even having read my message.
I finally got apologies and explanations. The owner has been contacted by a sitter who had come to her place once. She has not read my mails. She has received many applications. She promises again to “hire” me next time

But the ad is still visible…