Declined sittings without any interaction

Hi. Is common for you as a house sitters to be declined without any interaction?.

I was declined 3 times, without any interaction or feedback. I think this is supper useful for us, specially if we have just a couple of sits.
The feedback is needed if you decline the application.


@ManuelToroVelez and welcome to the forum! I took a look at your profile and I really don’t see a reason for any rejections, but please note, this is not common for owners/pet parents to disregard applications and reject without a courtesy follow up message to a potential applicant. I think you just got the “luck of the draw” with some who might even be new themselves and don’t understand the need for courtesy messages.

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Thanks @Debbie-Moderator . great advice the introduce yourself forum. I will do it.
Also thanks for the answer. :slight_smile:

Hello - with the new ‘5 applications and pause’ rule, a home owner may be declining your application which is the only option they have to allow more people to apply. They will then have a larger pool of house sitters to choose from. So although you may have been declined now, they will still have your details and may actually contact you about the sit once they make a decision.


I learned the hard way not to tell the sitter why I choose someone else. I had posted a sit and in the description said we were looking for a couple (any gender) as it was a long sit (3 weeks) and we wanted 2 people so if 1 was sick the other could take over. Just our preference at the time, we now are more open to a single sitter.

Upon receipt of the application, I responded that I would get back in touch with him. The sitter was traveling alone and I told him that was why he wasn’t selected, as we were looking for a couple Took less than 48 hours for me to get back to him. I was told by him that i wasted his time and I should have let him know that before applying and never to contact him again. YICKS, I was shocked at his hostile response. Lesson learned, I now just say ‘sorry I selected someone else’.

I am also a sitter and have gotten some HOs who respond quickly that they’ll get back and other HOs that don’t respond at all. Honestly, I really would rather sit for a HO that responds, even if I’m not selected.


Yes, this happens quite a bit. It’s a pity since we always spend around 1 hour to write the message and make sure that we can do the sit (checking connections, prices and our exact schedule).


@Peg This is a troubling response. I would hasten to add that this is probably very uncommon and I’m sorry you had to deal with this hostility. I feel that it is kind to respond to someone, even if they haven’t been chosen for a sit, or (as a sitter) you won’t be proceeding with their dates. I imagine most sitters would have appreciated you getting back to them, even to say they hadn’t been selected. In fact, I too have received the ‘we are looking for couples’ (in my case, there was a lot of gardening involved) which is very understandable. Sitters are representing themselves. I don’t think a hostile or angry reply will give off the best impression!


Hi @ManuelToroVelez, yes im afraid it does happen & personally like many others i find it quite rude.
Even just a “sorry on this occassion we/i went with another sitter”, for me I find to be manners, given the time & thought a sitter has put into an application.
I do agree though that feedback as to why you didnt get the sit is great.
There are many other though conscientious HO’s who do make the effort to do this.
Your profile looks great & getting the first few sits is the hardest. Good luck.

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Hi Gina. Totally agree with you :wink:

yes @Timmy . Its super sad beacuse write a good application and create a profile takes a lot of effort and time. Also, you tak ethe time to choose a place,dates, etc to fit with your schedule and no receive any message is dissapointing. Say “hello, sorry but we choose other person” or whatever is better than nothing and does not takes so much time

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I firmly believe that HO’s don’t provide rejection feedback because it’s something that not many people have the skill set for. Many people find it very hard to put into words why they like/dislike/feel the way they do about anything. It’s also time consuming to compose personal responses. A personal reply is good manners, thoughtful and considerate but so few areas of life function like that any more; we are becoming a society - a world population in fact - who can include, dismiss and opine just with the click of a button.


Very well put!

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Thank you @Saltrams you truly are back :wink:

I always respond to the Sitter with why they were declined. I think its only respectful but I understand some people just do not know what to say so they say nothing.

@Debbie-Moderator I totally disagree with your comment

On the occasions that my application is declined, it is usually received as a message from THS to say that unfortunately the HO has chosen someone else on this occasion. It is rare that the HO sends a personal message but as others have commented, many lack the skills to do honestly an succinctly.
On the other hand, this week I received a lovely personalised message on being accepted for a sit! The HO even referred to the photos on my profile as well as picking up on parts of my application. Maybe this HO was as thoughtful with the applicants that she declined


I had applied for a long sit and had subsequently received two messages saying the owner was reading through messages, would get back to me soon. Then, radio silence… I eventually, almost two weeks later, messaged saying I assumed I hadn’t been selected and would be pursuing other options (to which I received no response). It is so disheartening to be treated this way when you have put time and effort into an application and shown enthusiasm for the sit.


In the area where I’ve been applying for more than ten years it is completely normal for owners not to respond unless they are choosing one. I’ve never found it rude. If I’m looking for a sit I generally am applying to several at the same time and don’t pay attention until there is a positive/interested response.

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