Applying to more than one sit for the same date

Hello!!! How are you? A few days ago we joined the platform after a long time of preparation! Finally it’s time to start applying for our first sitting on the site!

Now, we have a question:

Now that we have applied to our first sitting, we want to know how long we should wait for an answer before applying to another offer on the same dates? Or is it advisable to apply to several, and thus have a better chance of getting a sitting for a specific date?

How many days before the sitting the home owner should let us know if we were selected?

We understand that during the beginning, having few reviews can make everything a bit more difficult, so we want to make sure we are doing the right thing!

Thanks in advance! (If you want to check our profile and leave us an opinion/advice, it will be most welcome!) :blush:

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@pipo welcome to the forum! I took a look at your member profile and I think it is great! You added great pics and well thought out info about the two of you and why you want to sit, so I don’t think you will have a problem finding the perfect first location!

In response to your question, it is a very personal decision as to how long you wait after you apply for a sit. Some folks won’t wait more than a day or so, while others will wait much longer, but there is a thread about this very topic at Do you apply for more than one sit at a time? where members have discussed both the timeframe for waiting as well as applying for multiple sits at the same time.

This is one of the many great benefits of belonging to the forum as you can find answers to most any question you may have from experienced sitters and pet parents/owners as well as moderators on the forum, who are all either sitters, pet parents or both as well. This is a great community full of great people…all with the same goal!

I wish you luck finding that first sit and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach back out.

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hI @pipo - Welcome to the wonderful world of Pet & house sitting. My advice is ‘don’t wait’ If there is more than one sit that you like the look of then apply for them all - it is then first come, first served for the home host that is lucky enough to book you.

Once you have been booked remember to immediately withdraw any outstanding applications you have where the dates clash with a short note explaining that you are no longer available.

You can withdraw an application by clicking on the date box on your application.

Good Luck!


Everyone does this differently and I remember there already being a thread on this. We wait for 24-48 hours and then move on, other apply to all the sits they can. But especially now we’re quite experienced and have lots of reviews so we are picked more often than not. For new sitters it might make sense to apply to multiple sits. PS: Occasionally it has also happened that we didn’t get any response from the HO for a couple of days and were then picked, but that is really the exception (we didn’t withdraw our application since there was no other sit for us to apply to).



We are fairly new and have had pretty good success at booking sits. When I apply now, I will usually wait 24-48 hours before applying for another at the same time. This is to allow the quick responders and accepters the chance to do so as we have had several who responded and accepted quickly.
As a brand new applicant, I’d be less hesitant to apply for more than one at a time initially as you may receive many rejections. Don’t be afraid to have overlapping applications out but as others have said, immediately withdraw overlapping sits with an explanation since they may be options in the future and you want to leave them with a good impression.


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These questions have been discussed before on the forum. You can always do a search before asking your questions.
Type in: Making applications - how long do you wait before applying for another house sit?