Awful accommodation

Second time in 15 house sits that the house sit was disgusting. Had to put towels down to sit on chairs and carpets. Cleaned bathroom floor on first day and everywhere was filthy. Owners were old and had many medical problems. Fridge and freezer was jam packed so could not put any food we took with us even if we wanted to. Ate out all the time and spent more time in the garden then the house. What can you do when you arrive and the owner is going away within hours! Well I am going to be honest next time and say you must be joking we can not stay here more than 5 minutes let alone a week!

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So sorry you had to endure such a home! It sounds just awful. I’m wondering what their listing looked like. Were there many photos? Did they include the inside of the house? Looking back, were there any cues about the condition of the house? Things you will watch out for in the future?

@123kitty bad luck with that one…2 in 15 is not bad though and not to trivialise the experience, there will be another 13 good ones at least for the future…happy travels

Hi @123kitty I am very sorry to hear about your experience, no-one should be subjected to a home as you describe it and this is something that membership services can look into. I’m going to direct message you so that I can get some more detail of the sit and then we can pass it to the support team.


Even if the place is filthy you couldn’t just leave and drop owners…

And especially for pets @Provence (agree with you)
Bad luck, hope for the next

@Provence @123kitty its why I dont take on long-term sits, a dirty place is tolerable for a short time and I clean the rooms I need then shut doors off to the rest and put it out of my mind! I would never leave animals though some places are so bad I am sure some sitters would and really at the end of the day the HO has to take the lions share of responsibity for that happening in my opinion.