Barking collars etc

How do other sitters feel about barking collars, perimeter collars etc? I feel strongly about controlling dogs using pain and fear, especially taking their voices away! Yet we don’t find out if these are used until we arrive at the sit. I would like that info to be in the listing, so sitters can choose whether they’re okay with that.

Any other thoughts?

How about either including it in your interview or, if you feel very strongly about it, in your application. It’s not likely to be included by HO as a detail in a listing.


Hello @Sunshine_G sunshine_
I presume you’re from the US as I have no idea what barking or perimeter collars are. If you mean ‘collars’ as opposed to ‘harnesses’ I agree with you. I much prefer harnesses and the majority of the dogs I’ve cared for have had a harness.
I wouldn’t not care for a dog if I discovered it wore a collar to which it’s lead was attached but might, diplomatically, ask the owner if they would ever consider changing to a harness as they’re much kinder. It is, however, the owner’s choice.

Hi Smiley,
Thank you for replying. I’m in the UK I didn’t explain very well! These are collars with a battery and two prongs below the dog’s throat so that if it tries to bark, the collar administers a mild shock, so the dog remains silent. Perimeter collars also have two prongs and a battery, but they are activated by the dog trying to cross a (usually buried) electrical signal around the area the owner wishes to keep the dog in, where there is no fence to do so.

Wow! I’ve never come across such collars and am amazed that they can be sold. I wonder what the RSPCA has to say about them? Very cruel. There are better ways of stopping dogs barking like appropriate training. I would certainly have something to say about these if I ever come across them. Thanks for educating me!

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Horrible things and the people who use them are cruel IMO.

I’d be pretty upset if i turned up for a sit and was expected to use these, thankfully it’s never happened yet.

I guess maybe I should include this question in my video calls from now on.

@Smiley The RSPCA unfortunately allow and even endorse a lot more cruel practices than this towards animals.

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Really? I want to disbelieve what you say….:cry:

Hi SandC, the RSPCA seem to give pretty good information about bark collars.

@Smiley You can disbelieve it if you like :rofl:

@Sunshine_G I am not sure what their take is on these types of collar but my comment was a more general pop at their “assured” stamp and what that allows, in particular, grinding up alive one day old male chicks.