Be Honest When Reviewing Home Owners

Do you only drive to sits or also carry cleaning supplies when flying?

I never bring my own cleaning supplies into my pet parent’s home. I use their cleaning supplies to tidy up when the sit ends. Some pet parents use organic eco friendly only cleaning supplies, some have allergies to the harsh chemicals in certain cleaning supplies, some may have fancy porcelain ceramic tiles that require special cleaning products. I always ask if there are any special requirements for cleaning. Best to use their cleaning supplies to avoid causing damages.


So far, I have only driven to Sits. If I fly, I would not bring my own cleaning products, but I will bring my own rubber gloves and microfiber cloths!


We always ask if the Owner has certain preferences. Of course, we seek to do an excellent job and not damage anyone’s property!

The array of responses and in situ realities are vast.

Most the of homes where we have stayed have cleaning people, and many of those cleaning people bring their own cleaning supplies, so there is not much available in the cupboards. It is sort of strange.