Been told we won't be alone in the upcoming pet sitting

Many others have already mentioned the THS T & C, but I also had another thought…If something “weird” did happen, wouldn’t THS say “you knew you should have cancelled ?” They could say you broke of damaged sonething. You won’t be covered. Who knows what this adult son is like. This could be an espisode of 48 Hours :scream:!

I saw a listing in Canada that described a lodger living in the basement with their own front door- does this count as 3rd party on the property or not?

@BonnyinBrighton generally, if you don’t have shared spaces, then it’s not considered a third party, as your paths are unlikely to cross (eg. shared laundry, or shared garden). But the lodger in the basement might still put off applicants, so it’s great that they mentioned it.


I saw a listing in San Francisco which mentioned something similar - very helpful for a sitter to know up front.

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I’ve seen sits like that - in basement, our Airbnb guests, a mother-in-law suite, et cetera. Still a hard no for me.


Hi BlueOcean,
This has happened to me a couple of times now. It can be difficult for home owners at times, as they do not always know movements of teenage/older children. One I only found out after starting the sit. Older uni son came back and was a bit awkward, as just helped himself to things of mine in fridge, as he normally would not knowing mine. He also had a group of friends coming and going and getting pcked up for a weekend away together. Would have preferred not to have had inconveniece. Another occasion i was aked if I would mind. An older son needing to come home for a couple of days. He was no trouble at all and barely saw him, as out at work all day. Back very late, then disappeared to his room. Have also ben lodgers in separate buildings in grounds outside. One needing to use washing machine but not a problem otherwise.