Days Off

Hi guys,

Sorry if there’s already a thread like this out there. I’m so overwhelmed and in need of advice quick. So here’s my situation; I’m house sitting for 3 dogs for 3 months. I’m just going to jump into the issues I’m having:

I’ve been here close to one month caring after the home and pets. My family is traveling far to visit a state close by. I would like to visit them for 2 days. The homeowner is saying I should pay for the dogs to stay in a kennel home. I don’t want to do that because the amount of work I do for her around the house and for the dogs. I’d like for her to look at this as days off. I won’t go into details about the dogs just to respect the home owners privacy but it’s constant cleaning and scrubbing everywhere. I do work around the house. And there’s additional stress put on me because she has her house keeper that comes over and tries to argue with me about minor things. This house sit has become stressful because the homeowner will put stress on me when doing tasks like taking them to the groomers or where I allow the pets to sleep. I can’t share anything with her without her getting upset. If you own dogs I’m sure I won’t have to list things I have to pay out of pocket and do on the daily.

What do you guys think? I want to see my family that’s traveling far. I don’t feel I should pay for the dogs to stay at the kennel because the amount of work I’m doing for free. Any time I have leisure time the house keepers yelling at me that I’m not allowed to do this or that.

I know what I signed up for and the responsibilities I have. But, the stress and the work I put in everyday on the house and the dogs makes me feel like the exchange isn’t fair.

You are not an employee. The house keeper has no right to bully you. Your obligations are to the pets and the owner not the housekeeper. It’s none of their business.
You should not be out of pocket for the pets needs. They should be covered by the owner. Yes, little treats if you want but not basic stuff. Owners usually set up an account at the appropriate store if they haven’t got enough consumables to cover the sit period.
I really hope the amount of work was discussed before you accepted the sit, or was it piled on when you arrived to start?
It is unusual to ask for days off during a pet sit. Three months is a long time but you did agree to the period. I can see both parties sides. Home owners opt for a sitter instead of kennels for lots of different reasons. Mostly it is not financial. It’s usually for their pets comfort and home security. You opted to look after these pets for three months. However, you did not opt in for the excessive cleaning and the house keepers bullying. You are obviously a lot politer than I am. This would have been sorted out one way or another in the first week of my stay. I would focus on getting these people’s attitudes sorted out and tell your family you will see them another time.


HI @Kit11 house sitting should not be a stressful experience. I’ll DM you to discuss this further and see what we can do to help


Yes that’s exactly how it is --the housekeeper went as far as to say she can just come over and feed the dogs. Aka my job.

Yes, she did include majority of the work. There are some things she left out but I’m thinking she could have assumed I knew things like that would come with having dogs?

And thank you for the advice. I can’t tell grandma no! haha.

I feel committing to something like this as a house sitter shouldn’t feel as though you’re cutting off your personal life. This is hard work and I feel as though I’ve put in work to ask for a break…
COVID restrictions lifted somewhat to where families can travel. What are your thoughts on seeing family after months of not being able to?
And I’m asking this because I really want to weight the pros and cons. Thank you again for your time in responding.