Being first to apply to a new sit-advantage/disadvantage?

Yes, you’re right…what can we do?

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You would be shocked at how many replies homeowners get. There are way way more sitters than sits. This is especially true if it is a choice location. Homeowners tell me they only read the first three or four and choose from them. One homeowner told me she just takes the first one unless they are obviously totally unsuitable.
They can’t possibly read them all. That’s like expecting a Youtuber who gets thousands of views to reply to your comment on their video.
Don’t take it personally.

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I’m a host/owner. My apartment is in New York City and I typically receive dozens of applications for each sit; my inbox fills quickly. To keep my job manageable, I close down the listing once I have fifteen-or-so new messages - usually less than 24 hours after I initially post my dates. THS has a feature that allows hosts to do this. Then, I read through ALL the messages and begin responding to those who look like the best fit.

So if my listing interests you, I recommend applying right away.

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Welcome to our community forum @wotsrovert it’s great to have you join us and thank you for sharing your owner experience and how you manage your applications, New Yor is an incredibly popular location, hopefully you will be able to travel again soon.

Thank you for being part of our amazing community, enjoy the conversations and connecting with other members.

Angela & The Team

I think owners must reply to all sitters who applied.
It’s easy to make a pause in order to stop getting more answers,(sometimes you see the ad has received 35 or 50 + applicants)

It’s easy to write a message and send it via the group message. The task is light. The message is sent to all potential sitters automatically

Look on FAQ how to do it.

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