Broken stuff as a petsitter

Yes, this is written like this on THS. BUT the reality is completly

  1. THS is only paying for damages over 1000 Euros.
  2. First you have to write the damage to your insurance and it’s supposed from THS that your private insurance should pay.

Personaly I never heard that THS payed for a damage in the house.
Also I never heard that THS has excluded a member, or perhaps 1 in 1 million cases. But this is another topic.


As a HO, I would appreciate the sitter being honest and offering to pay, but ultimately I would never accept a payment for breaking some fragile bottle I left out on the bathroom counter. If it was really precious it should not have been left out.

Not totally relevant but - we have very playful kittens and we have some cermaic stuff out that I just don’t care that much about. After the first sit I realized that this causes stress to the sitters and they had to put stuff away, and since I make sure to put them away, and also let them know that I’m aware that kittens may break stuff and it’s no big deal.


Cheers for good, reasonable hosts like you, @kitty2.

Personally, when I sit, I put precarious stuff away if the host has neglected to. I put it back before I leave. But like @pietkuip mentioned, some houses might be cluttered, and accidents can happen. I try to avoid cluttered homes.

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Thank y’all for your comments !
Just for clarification:
Of course I’m gonna replace it if it’s not covered by THS insurance. This was never in question!
But as I said it before : we all pay for a membership, so why not check if they cover ?
The serum I broke was 10ml for £45 . To show that I’m sorry I ordered her the 30ml for £110.
Does it hurt my finances ? Yes! Did the HO say I don’t have to replace it ? Yes! Did I order it anyway? Yes ! I took perfect care for her dog(s) for over 5 weeks . She allowed me to stay in her beautiful apartment for over 5 weeks! And to be fair : her serum was in a glass cabinet, I bumped into it with my butt and the stuff inside fell. I tried to rearrange them, opened the cabinet and it fell and bursted on the ground .i think no one a “guilty” in this scenario and no one got hurt 🩷


That is really bad especially since it requires you claim from your home insurance first so it only covers what they don’t. I see they have a 250 excess as well. I’ve never had home insurance that came even close to that.
THS insurance for the sitter has no lower limit and a $50 excess (but a 24 hour max claim window which is crazy).
I guess I shouldn’t be surprised as all THS insurance seems to have limits and terms to make claims either hard or pointless.


Well done @timella. Thanks for the update.

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Continuing the discussion from Broken stuff as a petsitter:

I agree, things have been broken in my home e.g. sink tap/faucet, and because the sitter let me know I thought ‘oh darn, that’s expensive, things happen’ and thanked them for letting me know. I appreciate all that the sitters do for my pets and hope they appreciate my understanding too :heart:


Geez. Were I a HO who’d maybe received that item as a gift, gotten a deal, had excess $$ to spend, or just didn’t like the item much, I’d feel HORRIBLE if the sitter paid $150 to replace it, especially since they’re saving me beaucoup money by not having to board my pet.

This is an exchange of people, not “strangers;” just have a conversation before dropping $150 bones.
And +1 to the folks who’ve pointed out that HOs benefit by clearing personal items off shared spaces.

There are more perspectives to consider before claiming authoritative knowledge on responsibilities “as a sitter and a human being.”