Brussels meet?

We are currently on a 4 week sit just outside Brussels. If anyone is in the area and would like to meet please let me know!


A great location for a meet up @Colin I hope there will be other members in the area able to join in :+1:t2::blush:

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Hey Colin!

We’re in Aachen, Germany at the place where Germany, Netherlands and Belgium meet. We’re here until the 23rd and would be interested in meeting with you guys if possible. We’re sitting for 2 cats so we’re pretty flexible for time. We could catch a train there, meet you somewhere in between, or if you were interested in exploring, meet up here.

We’re also flexible on dates-with the exception of Sunday(our 40 anniversary and 1 year since leaving our home). Let me know what would work best for you.

Dan and Nan

*this Sunday, Sept 10.

Congratulations @Danandnan

Happy Anniversary :champagne::heart:


@Silversitters thank you!

@Danandnan A big congratulations for Sunday, Happy Anniversary :clinking_glasses::slightly_smiling_face:


thank you!

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Hi @Danandnan !

We are a bit limited on dates as we have a couple of things planned but would love to meet you both
Would it be possible for you to get to Brussels this Saturday? ( the 9th)


Can’t meet unfortunately, but as a Belgian, may I suggest you visit Gent? It’s a beautiful and vibrant medieval city, roughly a 30-40min train ride from Brussels.

I believe there’s currently a heatwave in Belgium? Enjoy it while it lasts :smiley: