Camera/recording policy for Sitters

My friends have night vision cameras outside they installed them for security, not for surveillance of sitters.

I have read a very sad comment of a sitter. I wonder if it is “legal” that the owner let cameras on to see “what the dogs do” in the house. I would feel like they are spying my own intimacy if they are able to see me every time they feel like it. I had never thought about this, but I will take some “precautions” next time I sit.


I’m answering my own post: Camera and Recording Devices Policy | If we are “trusted” housesitters, we should not be filmed, right?


In fact, it can be sad to use the usb spy camera to monitor the nanny, but I think it should be mentioned in advance, after all, as a parent with children in the house, it is easy to worry, not the kind of care you would worry about.

Hello fellow house sitters! I recently came across a unique house sitting assignment where the homeowners have security cameras installed throughout their property. They’ve expressed their preference to keep the cameras active during the sit, citing security reasons. While I understand their concerns, I’ve also started to feel a bit uneasy about the potential privacy implications.

Specifically, I’m concerned about the video data being processed and stored on cloud servers managed by a company I don’t know much about. It’s a common practice for homeowners to utilize these cloud services for camera feeds, but it does raise questions about who has access to the footage and how it’s being used. (It is summer and I like to wear less clothes in the house sometimes!!)

Have any of you encountered similar situations? How do you approach these concerns? Do you have conversations with homeowners about the storage and usage of the camera data? Are there any steps or precautions you take to protect your own privacy and data security during such house sits?

I value the importance of trust and professionalism in house sitting, but I also want to ensure my own privacy is respected. I’d love to hear your thoughts, experiences, and any advice you have on navigating house sitting assignments with active cameras

There’s a clause in the Ts & Cs @Alison_smith where HOs agree to turn off all cameras during a THS house sit so they need to abide to those if they want you (or any THS sitter). Best of luck :raised_hands:t3:

Outside cameras for security are OK but internal cameras are NOT allowed according to THS t&c. The hosts should be aware of that.

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Hi Alison, I’m a newbie so have been reading up on the rules.
Indoor cameras are not permitted. They have to be switched off during your sit.
Suggest you speak to member services and maybe get them to remind the HO? :blush:

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@Alison_smith Get THS involved. It is expressly forbidden to have active cameras or audio devices operating inside when a sitter is present. Talk to THS support, and they can contact the homeowners. After that, establish assurances from the homeowners that the inside cameras will be turned off.

And get an app that, upon your arrival, will detect if they left any inside cameras on.

Hi Alison, if that’s what they want to do, they’re in the wrong place. This is TRUSTED House sitters, i.e. a relationship based on trust. If someone has a need to spy on their sitter they should be making alternative arrangements, which they will probably have to pay for.

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I recently read this thread and found it interesting. I would like to share something I read recently but I want to make clear I’ve only encountered nice HO’s through Trusted Housesitters and I haven’t had a related problem. I’m just thinking in case any sitter has or will find themselves in a home where they are not comfortable for any related reason.

An Amazon Echo device with AI assistant Alexa can apparently be used to dial in from your phone and listen to what’s happening, and on some of these devices, there are also cameras so that you also can see what’s happening near the device. If the notifications are on it will be flashing lights and make sounds when someone dials in, but not if the notifications are off from my understanding (sorry if this is very common knowledge among some, I’ve never had an Alexa device).

If I found this device in a home and wasn’t comfortable for some reason, I’d unplug it, make sure it’s turned off, and put it in a wardrobe/drawer. Also, a tip to our lovely homeowners is to put this device away pre sit so any sitter doesn’t have to worry.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Very apropos, with this in the news today:
Amazon must pay over $30 million over claims it invaded privacy with Ring and Alexa

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THS needs to get a minimum policy in place that at least requires sitters to get permission to post to social media from within the home- the whole “travel the world for free” marketing campaign is really adding to the social media influencer thing of people recording videos of houses they are staying in and the pets and then posting- without permission from the homeowners. This just occurred for a friend of mine (who fortunately for that sitter decided after the fact that it’s okay they did it, but that sitter is clueless that they should have even asked…). A picture of just the animal to your account is one thing… but recording a “tour” of the home? I understand there’s a difference in opinions of what’s ok- so the policy should reflect that- “have a conversation and get confirmation before sharing pics/videos to any social media accounts”.

I doubt THS will bother with such, but I hear what you’re saying.

Personally, as a sitter, I put myself in the hosts’ place and wouldn’t want anyone showing off my home, for privacy and security reasons. The only photos I share from sits are of the pets and maybe the view, if there is one. And the only social media account I share sit photos on is limited to my friends, blocked from public view.