Car insurance for sitter?

How do you handle car insurance when a sitter uses your car for an extended period, like a month or more?

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Depends where you are. In the UK the car owner can add the sitter as a named driver ( could be costly depending on the sitters driving experience) or have a policy that states any driver can driver the car which is very costly and usually only businesses have it.
Of course if the sitter has their own car insurance they can drive the car, with the owners permission, but they are only covered third party. I would check the insurance policy though as different companies have different small print.


Hi @Shafofo thank you for posting your question which does arise quite often.

Having the use of a car is a great benefit for many sitters and for pets, how else do they get to their favourite walkies that might be a trek away and in the unlikely event of an emergency to the vet. As @ElsieDownie says, sound advice is consult your insurance provider, policies and conditions vary widely, they will want the sitters licence details and driving history, any driving convictions etc.

As a full time sitter I have used many owner’s vehicles, I always offer to pay the additional insurance and ask for info from the insurance company guaranteeing that I am covered for the duration including the level of cover, I also ask the owner to provide written and signed permission for me to drive the vehicle which I keep in the car.

In BC Canada my sitters were covered to drive my vehicle, in fact anyone over the age of 21 not permanently resident in the home could. The insurance also covered me when renting or driving other vehicles in the Canada or the States.

Bottom line is always check with your insurance provider.


Thank you @Angela-CommunityManager and @ElsieDownie , of course now that you say it I realize that’s the obvious answer! I’ll talk to my insurance :slightly_smiling_face: