Car Lease / Rental Challenge - US Citizen in Ireland

We just learned in the U.K. we could only drive the owners car if we had a British drivers license so had to end up renting last minute. It makes rural U.K. pet sits out of the question for us now which is really a shame.

IDK if this has been discussed earlier in this thread. Hopefully, Ireland doesn’t have the same law. We didn’t think to check since it was their insurance so just want to make other Americans aware.

Being British, I’m sorry to hear that.

Hi @claudinekent I checked online and this insurance information for non UK licence holders came up updated Feb 2023 …


Thank you for this information. We will definitely pass this along to homeowners the next time this comes up for us.

We are scheduled for a rural UK and then Ireland sit. The plan is they will add us to their insurance. I will pass along your issue so we can start looking into this sooner than later. Thank you for sharing.