Car Lease / Rental Challenge - US Citizen in Ireland

We are US citizens with a 2.5 month house sit coming up this summer in rural Ireland and we need to provide our own transportation. We thought it would be easy enough to lease at a lesser rate than renting. However, we have run up against citizenship rules, need to have a bank account in country and a work visa, and the lease time is too short and any vehicles need to be available for the long term folks. Basic rental rates are cost prohibitive.
We have alerted the homeowner so we can continue to strategize options.
I was wondering if anyone else has come up against this issue and found a way to solve it.
Thank you

If you do end up having to rent, try Celtic Legend. They are fantastic. We used them for a car in Scotland and even though it was an Arnold Clark rental the rates and inclusions were much better than direct to AC, and the people are super nice and helpful. Maybe they have special rates for long term rentals?


It doesn’t look like Celtic Legend operates in Ireland, unfortunately.

Just wondering why you have to provide your own transportation. Are you going to be looking after a dog/dogs because, if so, I would think the owners ought to help out as no doubt you’ll be transporting them as well as yourselves.
I know it’s a bit late to say but this should have been part of your conversation and agreed with the home owners before you accepted the sit. Hindsight is wonderful of course.
Usually you can’t transport dogs in rental cars, not sure about lease cars. Plus leasing is usually a 6 month or more agreement although I heard of a company that does it for less. Since the pandemic there has also been a shortage of cars, which doesn’t help matters.
I’m so sorry that it’s proving difficult for you and hope you get sorted.

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Thanks for sharing in the forum so others can learn from your experience. I hope you’ll post what options are presented and a solution!

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Have you tried GoCar?

Thank you for your response. I agree it would be best for the owners to help with the transportation as it is needed to care for the animals. Their car situation at the time of booking was a challenge as it is registered elsewhere. I have reached out to them and they are working on a solution from their end. I have not been able to find an affordable solution otherwise. Thank you

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Thank you for the GoCar tip. While that will not work for a long term rural housesit, I see that being handy on other adventures of short duration.

Yes, that’s what I thought, short term rentals. You might not need a car every day?