Cat behaviour is a mystery to me

As stated previously cat’s can get overstimulated. They’re instinct is still very wild despite human domestication. I’ve had my own cat’s bite ( its actually a love bite) just out of the blue. They also have sensitive areas that they don’t generally like touch. Being independent and typically solitary creatures they have their own unique and quirky personalities. Despite all that they’re very entertaining and loveable little critters.

@Crookie I am sorry your were bitten but I had the same experience when I was young (before I found out I was allergic to many, many cats). I had a Siamese that I swear was a Jekyll and Hyde. Was fine but then there was a look that came over her (her eyes seemed to glaze over) and she would do exactly the same thing.

I was reading up on cat personalities and found many articles about the very subject. I found it interesting that many said it was related to their hunting trait. Q&A: Why does my cat suddenly bite me for no reason? ( along with what to do to help alleviate the issue.

I wish you luck and hope you do not get bitten again.


@Catgoddess_99 your explanation about overstimulation makes perfect sense. I work in a school for children with severe and profound learning difficulties, and we often get a very similar reaction from some of the severely autistic children. One minute they are enjoying the interaction, the next, they are overstimulated and pulling your hair. Sometimes the transition from happy to overstimulated is very sudden, so it’s important to try to understand and recognise any signs.


This comic explains it purrfectly :paw_prints::cat::black_cat:


@ziggy @Shafofo @Debbie-Moderator although the bite was painful at the time thankfully it didn’t break my skin. I think it was more a shock…one minute everything was lovely, the next psycho cat!

@Catgoddess_99 that comic is a perfect portrayal (and funny)


@Debbie-Moderator that’s a really helpful article, thank you. Yesterday Cat climbed on my lap, gave him some ear and chin scritches, I then ignored him while I read. He happily slept there for ages. I can now understand the whole overstimulating thing.


This is such a brilliant illustration of the reality. I do love that last picture where the cat looks so over it!