Cat nail clipping

For the sake of safety (my cat’s and the sitter’s lol), I never ask my sitters to trim my cat’s nails. If an experienced sitter who was a cat owner volunteers and wants to do it, I would be ok with it. However, I feel I’m crossing boundaries by asking a sitter to do it. I always trim my cat’s nails the day I leave.


Thank you for this discussion! I’ve just bought a pair of clippers, like the ones illustrated above but had been putting it off. All the info and experiences shared here had made me feel bold enough to have a go, with the assistance of my partner… and a towel

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@Romana we had indoor 3 cats, and I regularly clipped their nails. It was never a difficult task, and they were accustomed to it throughout their lives. Once you get the hang of it, the entire procedure is quite quick.

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