Cats in harnesses

Have any sitters taken cats for walks in harnesses, (only cats that are accustomed to it of course).

We made the mistake of taking our indoor only one out for a short one for the first time and he loved it but the sit is very close. Thinking of discontining until sit is over…


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You could ask the sitter if they are happy to.
I would probably as i used to walk one of mine on a harness and lead. However mine never took to it.
I would prefer to do it once with the owner present, just to get the norm of where they walk & how rhe cat responds.

I’ve not sat a cat who was walked. But in Worcester recently I sat with Charlie, an out/indoor cat who chose to come along on his own when I walked Murphy, the cocker. HOs said he’d never done that before.


Funny that you posted the question, as we just this week bought a harness for our indoor cat and we have a sitter coming in 2 weeks. We sit on our porch and wanted to harness Raylan so he could sit outside with us and enjoy the outdoors.

However, it really worries us that he may freak out if a person or a dog walks by so are going to wait until after the sit to give it a try. Until we are comfortable with how he reacts I don’t think we will ask sitters to harness him and sit on the porch with him.

We are also sitters and would be comfortable walking a cat that was use to it and that I could easily pick up in the event an aggressive dog walked by. Really depends on the temperment of the cat.

Wish we were available for your dates, love the location!

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Who needs a harness?

Lamma Island, Hongkong, Jan 2020.


I have sat for owners twice and returning there again on Sunday where they use a harness for their cat which is attached to a long rope so she can explore the garden. It works well and I can relax outside by the pool or read whilst the cat has a wonderful time exploring. She is very much an escape artist so this allows her some freedom outside.
Mischa - Torquay, 10-22 Oct 2021 (17a)


Meerkat in harness?

Yokohama Japan, July 2018


I would probably feel comfortable taking an indoor cat on a harness in their yard/garden but would be worried taking them out and about in case they were attacked or escaped.

my 3.5-foot iguana (named Fluffy, because of course) loved to be hand-carried outside but she was huge and quite heavy so I’d set her down. She would usually just make herself pancake-flat and get dark in the sun, but every so often, she’d decide SHE NEEDED TO BE UP IN A TREE RIGHT NOW and would take off running towards the tree. If I wasn’t fast enough to intercept, well, I would be climbing the tree too.

I made her a little leather leash that went over her chest but was open over her back so it didn’t disturb her spikes. She couldn’t get out of it on her own, and it was just enough that it kept her (and me) out of trees.


(and before knickers get bunched: no i never kissed her :rofl: )