Christmas Sit Poll - Tell us your holiday season plans

How long can Canadians stay in Mexico? That sounds like it’s going to be a wonderful experience for you. Have you been before?
Mexico is very interesting and wonderful place with some equally kind people in my opinion.

Oh, @Amparo, you’ve touched on a hot topic with your question about timeframe. I can only speak as a Canadian, and don’t know the rules for other countries. It can be up to 180 days and, until recently, was usually almost an automatic given. However, apparently because of abuse of the process by some, immigration is applying the ‘up to’ more lately. It does create an uncertainty, but it’s something I will prepare for and handle as best I can.

I have been to Mexico many times - vacationing at an all-inclusive resort initially, then renting a self-catering unit, also as a volunteer ESL teacher, and more recently for two wonderful house sits - one at the beach and one inland in San Miguel de Allende. I love the culture of the people, the beauty of the villages, towns, and cities, and so much more. I have come to realize that my heart is always drawn back there, regardless of where else I travel.


It’s been a long time since I’ve been there but I have some very special memories. I used to do volunteer medical/surgical mission trips there in several different cities. It was extraordinary in so many different levels. As US citizens, we can also stay visa free 180 days and then I believe extend up to a year at the moment.
It is funny how one is drawn to a place for no apparent reason. I have felt that as well but I am now at the point where I am resisting that as my wanderlust is now calling me to discover what else is out there? I may never settle down.
I’ve tried so many times. it just doesn’t work for me :rofl:

Sometimes I feel like Moana from the Disney film.


I have a string of 4 sits starting 3 Dec through 4 Jan in the UK. Over Christmas proper I’m sitting in a small town in the Scottish highlands with a pair of dogs for some folks who have a long list of good reviews.
Not with TH but I’ve spent a few Xmas holidays traveling.
Several years ago spent the week before Xmas in Vietnam - in HCM City on 24 Dec and had street food seafood for dinner with a group of folks. Then watched the crowds stream into Notre Dame cathedral for midnight mass.
The big stores were all decorated for the holidays with Christmas (and even Hanukkah) music playing.
Flew HCM City to Paris on Christmas day on AF. Had booked a premium economy ticket and there were 3 of us in PE on the flight. The purser moved us all up to the empty second business class cabin. SGN-CDG was a daylight flight the whole way and the sky was absolutely clear for the whole trip so could see the ground the whole way.


Just posted my listing - going to leave NYC for the holidays this year again. My previous sitter has now gotten herself a dog of her own, so no longer available haha!

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Welcome to the forum @barrejonas and thankyou for feeding back on our Christmas Poll. I’ve just had a peak at your sit and have already fallen in love with your gorgeous pup!!

When your human says who’s a good girl … and you already know it’s you

Love it :star_struck:

Have a wonderful Christmas wherever you are heading to!!

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We have booked 2 house-sits mid-December to mid-January. Both in the south of France. First one is a new one, second one is a return - been there once and visited the lady this fall to organise the christmas sit.
Last year we were sitting in a castle in French countryside.
2019 we were in Cornwall sitting a lovely golden retriever ; 2018 we stayed in Portugal with a sweet Labrador.
There are so many appealing listings at Christmas. We have been invited to several sits and it was heart-breaking to decline !


@Françoise-et-Youn I’ve just been browsing for the UK for when we confirm our dates to go back… as you say there are so many lovely sits and many in and around London! We had a magical sit there in Chelsea just minutes from the Thames a few Christmases ago! It’s my birth city but house sitting there was such a different experience and very special! I like the idea of a chateaux in France if we don’t get back :slight_smile:


@Vanessa-Admin there are actually few listings in France in real château or such big and beautiful houses we would call them Manor ! For people in love with history and architecture it is for sure a « plus » !
We have been invited to London this year and had to decline. But why not next year ?? So many possibilities : we love it !


The family are all congregating this year for Christmas as we couldn’t all see each other last year :hugs:

I am hoping to find a New Year sit though :crossed_fingers:t4:


That’s our plan too this year @Elle, although we might try and fit in a few short last minute sits that might be available for in-between family pet fixes :slight_smile: Enjoy your family Christmas :christmas_tree::snowman_with_snow:


Caribbean for 5 weeks : )


Our family of 4 recently secured our Christmas sit in Switzerland and I can’t wait. We plan to teach the kids how to ski this year. :slight_smile:


Wonderful news @NatashaLV … and how good to be able to ski as well. I always LOVE watching the little kids snaking down the mountains after the instructors :star_struck: Have fun and do share some ski pix here in the forum when you have them!!

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We’re not going away this Christmas, but enjoying having friends to visit who don’t feel able to travel abroad. Hope to travel again in February, so wil be looking for sitters in Hastings then.


I’ve been away from the forum for a bit but popping my head back in as I am heading out to my first sit in ages in December. Six weeks with an adorable parrot in sunny Tenerife, can’t wait! So excited to get back in the air. See ya later, Canadian winter :sunglasses:


Sounds amazing @Lindsay welcome back and enjoy your parrot and Tenerife, in 6 weeks I wonder who will have learned more words?