Christmas Sit Poll - Tell us your holiday season plans

:evergreen_tree: :christmas_tree: We’d love to know your plans over the Christmas holiday period.
Please select just ONE option from the poll below… if you are both owner and sitter, select depending on whether this Christmas you will be an owner or a sitter :slight_smile:

The poll will close Tuesday morning (UK time) and you’ll be able to see the results then.

Christmas Sit Poll - For Owners and Sitters
  • OWNERS - I have a live Christmas listing - not yet filled
  • OWNERS - I will be looking for sitters - not listed yet
  • OWNERS - I already have my sitters booked
  • SITTERS - I plan to sit this Christmas - no sit yet booked
  • SITTERS - I’ve already arranged my Christmas sit
  • SITTERS - I’m not sitting this year, but have in the past

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Booked my regular 2 month “holiday season” sit fully stocked with Kenyan coffee :rofl:


For the past six years I’ve had amazing festive sitting experiences with memories to last a lifetime. This year I’m welcoming my family home, we have a new granddaughter.

Different traditions, cultures, making new friends, two and four legged. It really can be one of the best ways to spend the holidays … close to family and friends and yet not too close, away from the maddening crowds or right there with them the choices are as wide and varied as our community.

If it’s in your plans there really is something for every pet loving sitter, there’s even a cat on a yacht in Florida!


Enjoy Ms. @Angela-CommunityManager
These are the best of times.
I peaked my head outside yesterday as temps have been between 20-30’sF and we had a light dust of snow. It has been years since I experienced anything like this and I realized this was my 66th Fall season yet I had not always seen the “Fall”. it made me appreciate it even more.
Have a wonderful holiday. (I know it’s early but never too early for good tidings)
Lots of wonderful sits out there.
Can we add a button for cloning?


We’re going away for Christmas but we are taking the pack with us :grin::+1:t4:


We’ve agreed to do a sit starting just after Christmas. The home owner is in the process of sorting out flights, so the dates aren’t yet fixed. Fingers and toes crossed there are no COVID related last minute issues. (This has happened twice this year already, but it couldn’t be helped).
We were a little shocked but very flattered to receive a further 5 messages / invitations to sit in less than a week after agreeing to our post Christmas sit. We wish we could do them all but we’d have to clone ourselves! We now fully understand why homeowners find it hard to send the “Sorry not this time” message to the sitters they didn’t choose.


We arrived here two days ago and don’t leave till the middle of January. Far from the maddening crowds. No Christmas music and stressing about presents…….just the way I like it. I’m not a Christmas person. It has lost its magic for me a long time ago. I try to listen to Kings College Carol Service wherever I am as it represents what I believe Christmas is all about and we always listen to the Messiah over Christmas Day brunch.
This is my fourth Christmas spent on/near the Caribbean Sea and each has been fantastic.


√ SITTERS - I’m not sitting this year, I never have in past, and I’m unlikely to in the future.

We are always home with close family over the Christmas season. Also, I need snow. :slight_smile:


Goals girl! Goals!


It’s 28F here right now but we are cozy


I can’t cast a vote because I’m not sitting this year and I haven’t in the past.

BUT – I’m going to keep it in mind for the future. Seeing all of the wonderful holiday listings are a big inspiration! :christmas_tree::santa:t2::snowman_with_snow:

Although it’s not a Christmas sit, I’m very thankful to have a sit that coincides with American Thanksgiving in London, where our daughter has invited us for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.


Thank you @Mary-Kay … we thought there might be a few in your category but hoped you’d appear in the comments as we wanted to keep to the top 6 options in the poll :slight_smile: Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner in London… and keep being inspired by the Christmas sits for another year. Have a lovely weekend :slight_smile:


Although I have three weeks school holiday over Christmas, I’m travelling to the Austrian Tirol on New Years Eve for a week. So I’ll probably just spend Xmas at home in Luton and I’ll be busy packing.
I cannot wait to see and to feel the fluffy white stuff.
Brecon will stay at home with friends.


We just saw the first white fluffy stuff near Chamonix last week on our repeat sit… we were at the same sit last Christmas and I did LOVE being in the snowy Alps! We aren’t big on Christmas to be honest, but I enjoy the occasional one in a different setting… and this is one I could do again (and we would have if not returning to UK to see our mums this year). Enjoy!!


We have booked a sit in Girona, Spain for four weeks ending on December 29th - our first sit out of the UK ! - After that, we have booked ourselves an Airbnb for all of January in Gran Canaria for some winter sunshine. :sunglasses:


We usually have a pet-sit over Christmas /New Year, either warm e.g. Australia or NZ or stay in the UK
Due to the amount of Covid cancellations and uncertainty we didn’t want to risk further cancellations at this important time. We have therefore booked Airbnbs in The Canary Islands for 5 weeks over Christmas and New Year.
@Colin We will be in Gran Canaria for 2 weeks in January if you want to meet up?


Sounds just awful (insert huge sarcastic grin)

Enjoy to the maximus!


@Itchyfeet - That would be great! - we arrive on the 2nd and have booked for 4 weeks - 9 although it may end up being longer) let us know when you arrive and we can arrange to meet up one evening.

Great, @Colin , I will DM when we arrive in the 4th

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