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They get a cut. That didn’t used to be the case. However, some hosts ruined it for the rest and started upping cleaning fees and reducing daily charges to avoid paying the fees to Airbnb.

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I agree. Travel cost can be considerable at times. Petrol ,is not cheap. Defintely not worth the expense for a short sit. And home owners are frequently saving an absolute fortune, especially if they have a couple of dogs, three cats, chickens, goats and geese etc. And i have sat at a couple of places like this. And yes it can be annoying, if continually being woken up by one or more of the dogs barking in the night and not stopping. It is frequently anything but just free accommodation. Most sits I enjoy but have been a couple, where I wished I had just stayed at home, especially when owners have not been very appreciative, and rather treat you like the unpaid slave.


I just had the best vacation! I did not find a sitter, so I dropped “the kids” with a Rover sitter for $55 a night for an amazing sitter. I put my house on Airbnb a month ago and rented it out while we were gone for $260 a night plus a cleaning fee which I paid to a cleaning person. I came home to a clean home, made extra money, and the best review of my home I have ever had!!!
THS is great but there are other options and I’ve never felt so great upon returning home.


Sounds great. In your place, I wouldn’t even bother with THS if so. You seem to have had a number of bad experiences with the platform.



It’s great to hear you had a good experience with Airbnb but please do not get lulled into a false sense of security that Airbnb is faultless!

We were hosts with Airbnb for many years and had thousands of great guests stay.

However, there were also a handful of not-so-great guests and a couple of really, really, bad ones!

Having now also become reasonably experienced with THS, my gut feeling is that the Airbnb and THS experience are very similar. Often fantastic, mostly great, sometimes good, and very occasionally truly awful.


Great. Sounds like you netted maybe $100/day after fees and costs. If it’s a better fit, it’s a better fit. Airbnb is being banned in many cities unless HO’s are present, as originally intended. So enjoy while you can.

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Hi @BonnyinBrighton @Lokstar

This is an expression my husband and I haven’t heard for a while but my husband used to use this expression often! :sweat_smile:

In his pre-flight greeting to the passengers on the PA system he would say we are leaving the UK whilst flying over Brighton, “Well Hove actually”. This often gave the Cabin Crew a smile as a lot of them lived down that way! :laughing:


That’s precisely us too, ‘Lokstsr’!!!