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Agree if very few listings reach 5 applications why the limit? We have the opposite problem. We posted a listing on Jan 11. In total we got 35 applications over the next two days and reached our 5 applicant limit multiple times. We were constantly having to hit the decline button to keep our listing open and didn’t have the time to send declined applicants individual messages.


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I’ve just post a response to Timshazz. We just got 35 applicants in two days. Certainly wasted plenty of time having to constantly monitor the app and declining sitters to keep our listing open. Also we’ve talked to sitters who were unaware of this policy and wondered why new sits were reviewing application so quickly.


At the recent holiday social event for THS members in my area (great idea, thanks THS) I was surprised and somewhat dismayed when I was told that THS currently allows an HO to receive only 5 applications, and must reject all of those applications before getting more. Is this correct? If so, I think this is a disservice to both HO’s and prospective sitter applicants. I feel quite capable of deciding myself when to pause applications! I personally like to have about 10 (or more) sitter applicants before choosing, as it may take a couple of exchanges with several to determine who’s the best fit.


Thank you for the clarification! Reason 1 and 2 *combined ^^ have turned Trusted Housesitters into a lottery system unfortunately.

If notifications are only sent out hourly, and highly desirable locations meet their 5 applications within the hour or even minutes, then it becomes impossible to apply unless I check my phone constantly. Unfortunately I have a life :frowning:

@Ben-ProductManager is there any solution to this rigged setup? Thank you


@Ben-ProductManager hi Ben, I did ask this question a short time ago, but I can’t see a reply.
Are THS planning to review the 5 applications/pause feature following overwhelming feedback that isn’t in favour of?
Having been negatively impacted by it numerous times, I fully understand how others feel, their posts don’t make happy reading. I’d like to think that THS wouldn’t want their members feeling this way.
Many thanks.



Did anyone get informed regarding the changes to the system in which applications are stopped after 5? As a longterm TH sitter and a potential owner I am absolutely appalled!

It gives next to no opportunity for petsitters to apply unless they are on their phone/computer 24/7- which is impossible. And it limits the owner in their choices. Here is no good reason for this change.

I was told this change was made because sitters didn’t like the fact that they weren’t updated if they didn’t get the sit but there could easily be an automatic response given to unsuccessful applicants.

Why on earth am I paying for a useless membership? I will be telling everyone NOT to join. This is a terrible system which is does not work for sitters or owners. And we were not informed which is deceitful on the part of TH.

This is not good enough and if it doesn’t change I certainly won’t be renewing my membership.


I just found out TH changed the system and after 5 applicants the system automatically pauses the application process. So unless you are on your phone/computer 24/7 you are unlikely to find a petsit. I am also a potential owner and am horrified that I would only have 5 possible applicants to choose from. TH did not inform us of this change and I am beyond angry. There is absolutely no point having a membership which doesn’t function.


I totally agree with you and note that your thread has been transferred to the Conclusion of Pausing Application Test thread - where no-one is allowed to comment any further,
I made a comment about this topic not long ago and received a Direct Message to tell me that I was being negative and that most members were happy with the change or had positively adapted to the Pausing Process.
Unless people like us and many before us continue to raise the subject, the team will assume we are all happy with it


@Itchyfeet I would really like the many to speak up then and convince me why its a good idea. I am more than happy to be proved wrong. So far I’ve counted 2 posts in support. Neither really said why they thought it was good. And I don’t think they were trying to apply in different time zones. It has had an enormous impact on my experience. And it seems others. So I really do want to hear how its been great.


I was told that those who are in favour of the change feel intimidated and do not feel able to share their views on the Forum.


@Twitcher There are surely so many of them they could back each other up?


You would hope so. It must be benefitting somebody but I am at a loss to see who.


@Twitcher I’m a scientist and quality manager by profession. I always side with hard evidence and facts. And im happy to be swayed by those. But vague assurances with none of that is not very convincing when my own experience is so very different.


Well, of course. This forum is well known for being highly intimidating. :joy:

This sounds like a contender for the ‘Didn’t Happen of the Year Awards’.


The ones benefiting are new home owners and new sitters who don’t know any different and of course THS through improved revenue and reviews.

It’s important to remember only a small percentage of THS members, I believe around 10%, belong to this forum, so there will never be a majority voice.


You can add this to the giant thread about the 5 applicant limit…

My feedback about the new changes are this:

  • homeowners are more frequently telling us bad stories about previous sitters
  • owners feel pressured to choose “in order of applications” so they are not rude.
  • as a sitter we feel pressured to apply ASAP even though we are not sure the sit is right, just so we don’t have regrets later

Conversation with a recent owner. “I don’t know what to do, you sound great but there was someone else who applied first!” We encouraged her to choose based on her comfort level, and she felt very relieved to hear this.
Housesitting should not a fast decision.


I agree. I find it utterly infuriating. There are various locations I’m quite keen to sit in but often, by the time I become aware of them, they seem to be rapidly closing in on 5 applications or already at the reviewing stage. I’m really not a fan of this recent change and much preferred the previous system.


I think the biggest difficulty now is to be able to apply for the sit. Because of the 5 applicant limit, the listings are disappearing very fast, a matter of minutes. But once applied, you will compete initially with only 4 applicants. You having good reviews, yes your chances will increase for sure.