How reviewing applications works

I am currently applying for my first sit since the 5 application process was introduced so have a query re the system. I was the first applicant and received a very encouraging message back from the HO within a couple of hours suggesting we held a video call. I responded positively to this message and am waiting to hear back to arrange a time. The sit then received 4 further applications and has now turned to “reviewing applications”. How long do sitters expect to wait in this situation? I am keen to apply for other sits if this one isn’t going to happen but don’t want to move too quickly to decline.

Also if I am declined by the HO do I receive a standard ‘decline message’ from the system? At what point? After the HO has selected another sitter or only after a sitter has accepted the sit? Any pointers would be really helpful - thank you1


Don’t wait.
Keep applying to sits that interest you while you wait for your video call. If you have your call and hit it off and they confirm you, you can always withdraw your other applications. You do not need to decline one sit to apply for other sits.
If they delay in their response or put off booking a call and you set something else up in the meantime, that’s the price of procrastination.
“Reviewing” is the label THS gives any owner who has received 5 applications. It basically means their listing is paused until they take some action: either declining some sitters to allow more to apply or confirming a sitter from the first 5. They may not be reviewing anyone else and may only be interested in chatting with you first. They may be emailing all five and setting up video chats with each sitter. Every HO has a different process.
If you are declined or they confirm a different sitter you will receive a stock email from THS, but the owner may also choose to send a personalised email.
Hope that clears some stuff up!


Thanks @CoolCatAunt . Thanks for taking the time to respond. I understand what happens with reviewing applications but it was really the timescale one could expect of an owner to get back with an acceptance or decline. I have been fortunate in being accepted for all sits I have applied for to date (but this was prior to the 5 application pause being introduced) so was just needing to know how long it was acceptable to wait if the HO decided to talk with all applicants and how long that process could reasonably be expected to take.

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Ah, well, I’m currently waiting for three HOs to get back to me after 3+ weeks, while others have replied very quickly. Seems about the same as before to me.

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Unfortunately there is no stock answer as the time frame varies so much from listing to listing.
All you can do is go with what you feel comfortable with.
Keep applying for any sits which appeal to you - no need to withdraw any previous applications at this stage.
We have had sits confirmed within hours and other applications go unread.

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There is no definitive timeline for owners to respond. Our experience has been that an owner who is keen on our application will respond in 24-48 hours and will want to set up a video call ASAP. Many owners still don’t know about the pausing after 5 applications so they could be waiting thinking they will get more. Time is off the essence for both parties, so it’s good to maintain a sense of urgency.

If we don’t hear back after a few days we send a “nudge” message saying something like “Hi, we notice your sit has been automatically paused by THS for you to review your 5 applications. We’d love to have a video call with you as soon as possible to discuss your sit as we are actively applying for other sits with similar dates to yours, so our availability for your sit may soon change.” If this doesn’t elicit a response in 24-48 hours, say a week at the most from our initial application, we withdraw our application saying “As we haven’t heard back from you we are withdrawing our application” and we move on.

We are not interested in owners who don’t communicate in a timely way. Our thoughts are if they are not well organised at the outset what are they going to be like for the actual sit? The key is not getting wedded to any listing.


Hi @LizBCN. I agree with @Twitcher that there is no stock answer that people have agreed upon. However, technically the answer is 72 hours:


@geoff.hom I appreciate prompt replies. I’ve removed applications because the HO didn’t reply after several days. Some have replied " sorry for the delay in replying, I was traveling " So some HOs are postings listings but aren’t ready to start looking at applications. THS could add, ‘once you post a listing be prepared to start answering applicants’

I’d like to spend a few days in DC. I applied for a sit, but it’s been in reviewing applications for about 4 days now. If they aren’t going to go with me, that’s fine, but I’d like to know so I can apply for another.

How long do people typically take to review applications?


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Hi @JojoAndNancy. Welcome to our pet-loving community. I’m glad you found us. You raise a good question about the sit application process. This question comes up from time to time. I’ve moved your question here, to one of those other conversations on the topic, so you can see what other members have said about it.

Hello @JojoAndNancy and a warm welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

I have attached another thread you might also find helpful

Also, remember you can use the spyglass symbol at the top of the page next to the TrustedHousesitters logo and search for any questions that you may have as they have most likely already been answered on here and of course if not then please just ask! :blush:

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Maybe there is a problem with my search. I tried three searches and got “no results” each time.

Hi @JojoAndNancy An easier way to check with regards to the sits you applied for is at the top of the message where you applied for the sit you can click on view listing. Does it then show reviewing applications or currently no sitter required?

Along the lines of this topic, I’ve seen sits that go to “reviewing applications” and others that go to “currently no sitter required,” but what does it indicate when the dates turn gray, without it saying they’re “reviewing”?

Thanks in advance!

Regarding my message above, is the difference one of whether I’ve applied or not? I sometimes see “reviewing” and sometimes just see grayed out dates. Perhaps the connection I hadn’t yet made was that “reviewing” comes up on those that reached 5 before I’d applied? Thanks again.

Edited to combine 2 questions on the same topic.

Hi @Kaci. Good questions!

Reviewing applications means the 5 application has been reached, and the pet parent is in process of reviewing the applications received.

Currently no sitter required means they’ve confirmed with a sitter, so they don’t have any sits where they’re seeking sitters.

(dates greyed out): ? I don’t know. Maybe someone else here does. If not maybe @Therese will be able to tell us when she’s next in the forum.

HI @Kaci
Would you kindly DM me an example of the grayed-out dates, as I have not seen this either.

Hello @Kaci @Karen_E @Therese

One I can help with as I looked into this before, so will copy my previous comment here:

So if you see the dates greyed out when you view a listing you have applied and are one of the 5 applicants before the listing was paused. If you see ‘reviewing’ when you look at a listing it’s one that is in review but you have not applied.

Here is an example of one that you have applied for and how you will see the dates when you view the listing, it doesn’t just say ‘reviewing’ as it is to remind you of the dates that you have applied for.

Screen Shot 2023-06-05 at 17.50.59

Hope that helps and any questions let me know :grin:

That’s exactly it! Thank you!

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