'Counting Chickens'

So I was on a sit down in Kent ‘the garden of England’. The HO said ‘yes they are fine off the lead’ and showed me on a map some walks away from farm animals, roads etc. These days I am VERY careful about letting dogs off lead and to be honest tend not to do it unless I get a real sense that the dog will stay with me or more accurately the secret receipe treats it knows is in my pocket! Here’s a poem I wrote on the ‘dogs on or off lead?’ topic.


The dirty little yellow dog snuck underneath the wire
With wagging tail and dribbling mouth, his eyes ablaze with fire
He nosed the wire up abit to help his mate in crime
But his mate had ideas of his own, so made an awkward climb.

The chickens milled around the yard, their chicks they gathered in
The sleeping farmer, caught off-guard, slept on despite the din
Anxious hens count eggs and young, the rooster struts about
Both dogs are thinking “dinner” so ignore the sitters shout.

The yellow dog thinks “dinner” and he launches through the air
His mate joins to the battle, they are hunting as a pair
Bravely struts the rooster, he has seen it all before
He unfurls his deadly tallons, as he meets them at the door.

He seems bigger with each moment, and the hens are clucking loud
The farmer calls him ‘Elvis’, now he’s playing to the crowd
So ‘Elvis’ saw the two mutts off, a sorry sight to see
Both slinking off into the night, with nothing for their tea

Crawling back beneath the wire, the yellow dog looks beat
The mate can barely make the climb on bruised and blooded feet
And in the inky darkness, the sitter drives them home
Their heads are hung defeated, no more the world to roam.

The moral of this story is know when you’ve met your match
Never ever count your chickens even when they have been hatched
And if you are a sitter, walking dogs not on a lead
You might end up in this story, so I beg you ‘Please take heed!’


Terrific! I enjoyed this!! I am also wary about letting dogs run leash-free even if the owners let them unless it’s in an enclosed area. I am equally fearful of letting cats go out — I do a lot of praying!


@mars yes its a huge responsibility and i always have a quiet celebration when i leave a sit and know that i have done the best by the animals and the HO and nothing has gone wrong.

@mars thats great you enjoyed my little poem…its such a shame that dogs can’t often run free…its something i really struggle with as i am sure most sitters do…the increase in dog theft is another reason for keeping them close!