Discover Pet Sitting Jobs - advertisement from TrustedHousesitters

I usually delete all the ads that appear in my email account but today an ad caught my eye. Its title is ‘Discover Pet Sitting Jobs - Travel by House & Pet Sitting. Worldwide opportunities 1000s of places to discover’ and it came from

This ad has nothing to do with the fact that I am already a member of TrustedHousesitters - it is the typical sort of junk mail advertising that can turn up in anybody’s email inbox. I use gmail, I’m not sure if there are ads on other email hosts also.

I’m surprised that it mentions the word ‘JOBS’ as what we sitters do is unpaid work and shouldn’t be considered a job or employment - or did I get that wrong?


Yeah that seems misleading.
Also It should say “Worldwide opportunities 1000’s of places to discover (but mostly in the UK and USA)” :slight_smile:


This is the definition of job:

“a paid position of regular employment.”


Someone posted on the forum yesterday, asking about compensation. Maybe they saw such a misleading ad.


It looks disingenuous but it’s probably the key words and coding of the advert that make it show like this rather than it being an actual “find a job”. THS will have created search terms for people to find them and one of those might be “pet sitting job” for example and that’s what you see. Once you click on the advert it will just revert to the THS website and the standard info and the person thinking it’s a “job” will be disappointed.

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It’s deceptive advertising and confusing for both sitters and homeowners. You either believe in the concept of the fair exchange, or you don’t. And this advertisement doesn’t.


I have to say that based on the picture that’s included, the impression that seems to be created is one of being a tourist in some cute Italian (or likewise) town, in an Instagram worthy dress, but with a dog tagged onto it.

That’s not the impression I have when I’m petsitting via this site. First and foremost I’m looking after someone’s home and pets, secondly I’m working from home while there, and thirdly I explore the area and do some fun stuff to the extent feasible


I mean, that’s why THS shouldn’t be using search terms including the word JOB at all.

Also, I think plenty of folks who click on the link will get to the website and still think there are paid opportunities. The disappointment will come later when they clog up someone’s 5 applications and then ask for money, frustrating a PP, causing work for THS members services (if the PP knows to report them), and eventually frustrating the person who swore they were signing up for something that involves earning money.

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Hmmm. @cat.tails Just looking at that screenshot, I’m wondering if its from THS at all. Or from an affiliate that is obviously breaking the rules. When you click on the link does the link look clean. Ie. Trustedhousesitters dot com Or does it have some numbers and gobbldygook in it first before hesding to the site. If the latter, I’m sure @Vanessa_A would be interested. If the former…well, all the comments gone before are valid.

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I already deleted the ad so I can’t screenshot what it looked like in my gmail Inbox but it was marked as an ad, the ‘sender’ appeared as Trusted Housesitters, and clicking on the link went straight to

Here is a sample of a similar ad but from HelloFresh, so imagine it being
Trusted Housesitters - AD - Discover Pet Sitting Jobs - Travel by House & Pet Sitting
instead of the 3 things you see in this screenshot

@cat.tails I guess I was just trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. It’s easy to set up ads and branded landing pages with affiliate links (but against the affiliate rules. )if @Vanessa_A sees the screenshot you had in the op, she should know if the add is from them or someone else. Pretty misleading either way. Job certainly does indicate payment occurs.

As affiliates we are basically required to emphasise the responsibilities of sitting and not just the free aspect. I certainly take this very seriously and highlight not just benefits to both sitters and home owners but also the responsibilities of both sides and also the drawbacks to sitting as opposed to going on holidays.


It’s a Google Display ad, definitely from TH. You set the display url to be simple, when you click on it is when the destination url, utms, etc appear.


@Lindsay fair enough. As I said, I was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. Looks like I take my responsibilities to promote house sitting honestly more seriously than they do.

Yeah, with this type of ad, they would give Google a few headlines & descriptions, then Google will mix and match them. They use it a lot in their retargeting, I usually use the app but definitely get retargeting ads on Gmail & YouTube when I do use the site. You can target different audiences so members shouldn’t really be seeing these but maybe they don’t separate it and just target all website traffic.

(Source: this is my job at a different company!)


Hello everyone :wave:. Thank you for highlighting this and we will pass this feedback back to the Marketing team.


While I agree that the word “jobs” is misleading, it’s way better than the many “travel for free” headlines I’ve seen in regards to pet sitting.

At least in this case it’s clear that there’s work involved! :+1:


@Carla @luckycat Language that is misleading should not be used by Trusted Housesitters marketing people. At all.

Advertise this exchange as a “job” (or a “free vacation” for that matter) and new sitters might think they are entitled to compensation. This compensation might be interpreted as “tipping” or gift cards, free use of car, and free food for the length of their stay. All in addition to free accommodations.

The confusion and frustration that misleading language could create is completely avoidable. Please have THS people correct the language!


Absolutely @belluca - just my explanation of what I think (not know) that it is. @Timshazz has said it could be an affiliate too which is another possibility. I’m not saying “job” is correct, :100: not a job living this way. However there are zillions of companies who do this so they can capture traffic. THS may well be using an SEO company now they’re bigger :flushed::thinking:

This verbiage is now also on their website.

This is is an exchange and THS is now marketing it as a “job”, which could cause problems with sitters crossing borders to sit. They are also really glamorizing it and making it look like a carefree holiday with adorable pets following you around. I guess ads featuring average-looking people scooping litter boxes would not attract many new members!


THS needs to be careful about their advertising. A job implies pay, this could be considered false advertising.