Do Aussies need work visa to house/pet sit in the UK, Europe, US, and Canada?

I joined THS at the start of 2023 and have done several local and domestic sits here in Oz, but I am hoping to head OS next year and am not too clear on whether I am going to need a work visa for any, some, or all of the locations I’m hoping to visit. My travel agent has already said I won’t get one for the US as I’m over 35yrs old….
Just wondering if there are any Aussies on this site who can give me some advice/feedback on their experience going through customs/immigration to any of these countries to house/pet sit…and whether they needed work visas?

Hello @vasaliki & welcome to The Forum.
You might like to have a look at this thread that was started not so long back and should answer most of those questions.


In addition to carefully reading the thread that @Saltrams has provided you should ensure that you check the latest entry requirements for each country you’re visiting. Don’t accept what your travel agent says.


Your travel agent shouldn’t be giving US immigration advice. There is no appropriate visa for under 35s.

Thankyou, really appreciate that info. I’ll question the agent about this when I see them tomorrow.

Thankyou so much….this was really helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

Thankyou so much…I’ll definitely make some independent enquires :+1:

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